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Mommy Makeover- Tummy Tuck and Liposuction - New York, NY

I have been inspired by so many great stories here...

I have been inspired by so many great stories here on real self. I am 38 years old mother of two boys, ages 6 and 12. I went to get a consultation for a mommy makeover, but I decided on a tummy tuck and liposuction on inner and outer legs. After many years of wanting the procedures, I finally decided to have it and booked it! I am extremely nervous, doubting my decision, as I think about whether the money is being spent on pure vanity. However, deep in my heart I know that it is not. Many times, I hide myself or do not participate in activities with my boys (for example swimming at the beach) because I do not feel comfortable. I feel as I would do more with them if I was comfortable in my own skin. My family loves boating and going to the beach, and I am sick of always feeling uncomfortable. I am less than two weeks away and I am feeling anxious and excited to see what I will look like afterwards. I am a teacher and I hope that 10 days will be enough time to get back to work. I might be able to skip a few days here and there if it gets to be too much. Looking forward to sharing my journey and again thank you all for the inspiring stories.
i wish u luck with your procedure. don't look at it as vanity but a boost to enhance your wonderful life. I am doing my procedure just so i can feel comfortable with my own body.
Good luck . I have my Tummy Tuck scheduled for March 6th. I am so excited and nervous! I hope you post your experience!
Good luck! Will you post pics? :)

Pre-Op Visit

I had my pre-op visit and I left there with a "can't believe I am actually doing this feeling." I was a little worried because my doctor told me that I might possibly need additional liposuction for my love handles and upper abdomen even after surgery?? Has anyone heard this before? He said he will try to lipo as much as possible but he can not be too aggressive because of the tummy tuck. I am not thinking I will have Shakira's stomach but I hope it is flatter and that my waist is smaller. I am uploading before pictures. 8 days to go!


Thank you for your encouragement...I posted other pictures but they did not load. Here are some stomach shots.

More Pics

I realized that I need this surgery more than I ever thought I did after taking the pictures. I am just praying everything goes smoothly and that I am happy with the results.
Congrats on your upcoming surgery! Can't wait to see your results. 22 more days for me, Woohoo
I just had a tummy tuck done 6 days ago and the results already are amazing! I had the exact same feelings as you, I am a mother of two teenagers, and a nurse, always caring for others and putting myself last. I decided to do this for myself and I am so glad I did! Everyone has been so helpful and excited for my results also. I am an open book, so pretty much everyone knew what I was having done. Get my drains removed tomorrow and get to see the incision without bandages. Good luck and heal fast! It is so worth it!
Thank you! I can't believe it's a week away! Sending healing wishes your way!

A week from today!!

I can't believe that next week by this time, I will have had my surgery. Almost seems unreal to me. I have not told anyone, with the exception of my husband, that I am getting this procedure done. I am somewhat embarrassed and I just don't want any negative thoughts or judgements made my way. One of my sister's had it done about 5 years ago and I feel as if I can trust her but she was away for a while and now there has a death in the family (distant relative) whom she was close to and is in mourning. The last thing I want to say is "Hey, guess what I'm having a tummy tuck!" I briefly tried to tell my best friend, but she quickly said "Oh, you shouldn't do that, that's crazy." Can I actually keep it a secret? I don't know, its not like I don't want people to know, I guess its just opening up to people and not feel judged. Has anyone experienced this feeling?
I filled my prescriptions today, but they were out of painkillers (go figure), so I have to pick up the medication later next week. Feel really happy that at least I have this forum to go to. Any advice regarding silicone tape for the healing of the scar? Any comments regarding this would be greatly appreciated. Love and Light!
Who are you booked with? I'm in NY too.
I choose Dr Greenberg. I heard about Epstein too, you look fabulous!
Thanks hun! Can't wait to see your results! I hear Greenburg advertised on radio all the time, just didn't treck out to Nassau for consults. I posted in the Long Island Mom's facebook group to get recommendations of Plastic Surgeons on Long Island and many posted of Kilgo, Epstein, Greenberg and Romanelli. Romanelli and Epstein are the only two on Long Island doing Vaser 4d lipo and I liked Epstein better. VERY nice surgeon, really cares. Came to my home for a follow up. Who heard of doctor house calls anymore, he is fantastic.

Anxiety go away!

Today, I woke up and felt anxious and emotional. Thinking about the fact that it is just a few days makes me wonder..Am I doing the right thing?...What is something goes wrong?...How will the recovery be like? And my husband told me that he will have to leave on business 10 days after my surgery for two weeks! I don't have young young children, but knowing he won't be around has added extra worry to my situation. Going to do a prayer session tonight. Need a little spirituality to help me stay positive.
Yeah, same here. I went for two consults, Epstein and Romanelli. Epstein is close to home. You will do great! Good luck!

Final countdown...72 hours or so to go.

I took care of my blood work and physical for my medical clearance. Everything looks like a go. Still have not gotten the time of my surgery yet, hoping for the morning...don't want to wait around much on that day. Trying to get everything prepared (food shopping, getting odds and ends that I think I will need after the surgery, extra pillows, etc.) before Friday. I am experiencing a lot of bloating lately, and I came home from work just wanting to rip my pants off. Can't wait for a smaller and smoother belly.

One day away!

I just received the call from my PS, have to be at the office at 6:15. I am their first case of the day. I was hoping for an early appointment. Super excited about the end result, but of course nervous about the whole recovery process. I booked this about a month ago and now the time is here. Thank you all for your encouragement and wonderful stories. This has really helped me mentally and emotionally. Prayers and positive thoughts are welcomed! Will update tomorrow morning.
Good luck! I've got 4 more days til my tt! We'll be healing together :)
Thank you @NovPrincess and Sheeney7! I told one sister and of course my husband knows. Both are very supportive and my sister offered to take care of me on Saturday. It has been snowing like crazy in NY so I can use "I was shoveling snow and hurt my back!" lol for my hunched back. I think I will be okay telling others if they ask, but I feel like I just wanted to be encouraged and not ridiculed for doing something people consider "dumb." I know many will be upset that I did not confide in them, but honestly when I brought it up it was the same comments "you don't need it" "why would you waste money" "you must be rich if you can afford that." and so on so I am happy with my decision to keep it private (at least for now) I have valium, just in case I start flipping out tomorrow morning. I have a recliner that lays flat, I am thinking this will be my spot for a while. I have been taking 1000 mg of vitamin c and iron daily. Not sure when I can go back to vitamin d and multi-vitamin, I will ask tomorrow. Thanks again ladies!
Good luck on your surgery! - I didn't tell anybody about my surgery except my sisters (which were both highly supportive and one friend). When I was walking a bit funny (hunched over) - my story was I hurt my back - and dammit I stuck to that story damn believed it myself. LOL. By the 10th day you should be well enough to move around and do a few things. I went back to work at day 13. But follow all the instructions your doctor tells you and you should be fine. Take your vitamins.

Surgery Day

I tried to update yesterday, but I was way too exhausted. I went in at 6:15 am, I was greeted by the nurse and she began giving me all different kinds of pills. My mind was racing and I as she was talking I found myself asking "what the hell am I doing this for?". I started feeling emotional and wanted to just run out. A few minutes later the PS came in and started to draw on me, explaining his plan. The anestisiologist came in and started my IV, I asked the nurse to ask my husband to come in the room. It really hit me when I saw my husband come in and began to tear up. He held my hand and told me I was going to be okay. The anesthesiologist began to joke around and made me feel at ease, put in the IV, and the next thing I remember was walking up on the operating table. I felt a lot of pain on my upper abdomen. Overall the surgery went well, the nurses were very attentive and I could have not asked for better treatment. I got home and was in excruciating pain. I felt a constant burning sensation on my lower back and upper abdomen. I am bruised from my back to my legs. My nurse came at 7 pm and stayed until 2 am. Thank God for her. She was very attentive and helped me get up every hour to walk and try to go to the bathroom. My husband took over at 2am and has been so supportive. I am taking Percocet for pain as well as extra strength tylenol. I get nauseous at times. Taking it day by day...felt much better today than yesterday. Hoping for even a better day tomorrow.
Benve07 thx you for letting us know how it went...starting my count down...12 days to go...you really helped me get a visual of what to expect the day of...sending you love and light for a speedy recovery!

First post op pictures

Feeling so so...excruciating back pain trying to stay positive no pain no gain! Husband being so supportive feel so bad waking him up to help me. Very swollen today more so than yesterday. Haven't been drinking much...had throat pain I guess from breathing tube but will definitely drink more today.
Hey girl, we are pretty much on the same track. My back hurts and so does my throat. My throat was a lil itchy and I coughed. Boy did that hurt. I am scared to look at my belly. I have a lot of padding around my tummy. My husband don't want me to remove anything to look at it because of possibly getting an infection. I am so curious though. After seeing your picture, I might unwrap my belly and take a picture. :)
Your husband might be right, I would wait for the big reveal with the doctor. I saw him yesterday morning and today too (he is going away on vacation so opened up his office just to see me and two other patients before going away). Feeling a bit better, but pain in my back is really bad. Here's to a speedy recovery for the both of us and all our real self ladies!

It's getting better...

Pain in the back has subsided and I am getting around pretty good. Still hunched over but not as bad as the first two days. I am getting some shooting pain in tummy area, but I think that's just normal, as feeling is coming back to the area. I haven't taken any more pictures, I am just so exhausted. Taking a shower today was much easier than yesterday. I was able to stay in the shower much longer and the running hot water felt so good! I took a stool softener and milk of magnesium to avoid any constipation, and I am glad I did. My drains are in my pubic area and it I have to be careful not to pull on them because if not...OUCH! I was able to sleep a little longer last night. Days are getting to be real long and I am getting bored just in my recliner, but I know I have to take it easy on myself. I try to walk around the house and I am avoiding picking anything up, just straightened up the room up a bit, nothing crazy. I am finding that I am losing energy easily. I have been drinking a lot more water and herbal teas, which have helped with the swelling. Will try to update with pics tomorrow.

No more sneezing!

OMG! I sneezed today and I felt as if every stitch in my abdomen muscles ripped :(
I haven't been able to sleep and I am feeling a bit down. I am wondering if anyone else felt (feels) this way. I know it is going to take time, just don't like to feel so inadequate. Honestly, I don't think its the actual tummy tuck, its the pain from the liposuction. Everything hurts... my butt, my inner and outer thighs, my lower back. I know the PS was very aggressive with the lipo and although I am super excited to see the results, I am just in A LOT of pain! Plus I just got my period :( Oh well have to stay positive and be glad for the small accomplishments!

One Drain Out

I went to see the PS yesterday and I had one of the drains taken out. Felt very weird, burning sensation. My bruising is lessening and my legs are hurting less. I have a few bursts of energy, but they do not last long. I went out to lunch with my husband today then went to the bank and that exhausted me. I came home, read for about 20 minutes and knocked out for an hour and a half. I feel uncomfortable still with one drain still in, the binder around my waist and also the spanx pants. My incision and belly button look like they are healing nicely. I still have the surgical tape on the incision and that should come off by itself. My second drain will be coming out tomorrow, its been filling up around 10-15 cc in a 12 hour period. So far I can see a difference in my shape. I am excited to see the end result, just have to be patient during my healing process.

Some Post-op pictures

I think I am in so much pain because my PS really went to town on me with the liposuction. I will be thankful in the long run!
Oh yes I can definitely see a difference in your shape. Look at you! You look great!!! The first week is very exhausting…but hang in there…it gets better….you'll feel a little better each day xxoo
The back pain is far worse than the TT pain isn't it??!!! No one told me that…I wish I had known that ahead of time!

Second Drain Out and Feeling SO much better

I went to the Dr yesterday and I had my last drain taken out. I feel like a new woman without the drains. I was able to go to the store and walk around, still slow moving, but I did a lot more walking around and my back is almost completely straight. I thought I would pay for it today, but I actually feel great! There are times when I get sharp pains in my lower abdomen or I feel my stomach stretching, but it is not nearly the pain I felt the first three days. I find the hardest thing I find is going from a sitting position to a standing position. Say I have been sitting for a while, I feel great and when I stand up, I realize that I can't just stand upright like I would if I had been standing. I only have 2 days left before going back to work and I am also going to grad school two days a week. I just got word that I have Professional Development for two hours after work next week also. Not looking forward to it, but I will try to do as much as I can. I tried on my bra and panties today and they completely cover the scar, which I am happy about. I don't know if anyone else feels like this but my appetite is crazy! I am getting very hungry! I made sure to go to the grocery store today and stocked up on yogurt, jello snacks, and salad. I don't want to end up gaining weight after the surgery! Actually I want to lose about 15 pounds for the summer. Looking forward to going to the gym and doing hot yoga again. Happy healing to everyone!
You look great! I already see a huge difference. Take it easy, rest up. It will be hard for you to sit through the professional development. Especially on those type of chairs. I returned to work after 3 1/2 weeks and had to skip the 2 hour professional development at night, it was too long of a day. You will be exhausted.

Back to Work Day 3

I have been extremely busy with going back to work, grad school, and doing professional development after work. I have been coming home around 7pm everyday since Monday. I am pooped! I passed out on Monday before 10 pm, which never happens and slept until 6:30 am. Which I guess is normal, but not for me. Last night I didn't get to sleep until 2:30 and woke up at 6:30 am today. I feel like I am restless and overtired. Going back to work is actually better than I ever expected. No one noticed anything, I was walking upright and at a good pace. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I had major surgery less than 2 weeks ago. Today I was rushing to PD and walking so fast, I had to stop myself! I told myself slow down! What are you doing?! My back pain is minimal, but now my upper abdomen has been hurting and is swelling up and my incision area seems hard and swollen. I was reading up on being swollen and I read that sometimes it can be a seroma. I hope that is not the case. It is hard and feels super tight. Mentally I think I am doing good and I can do this and that, but physically I have to remind myself that I have to take care of myself. I am worried about the swelling and the hardness of my stomach. I have a Dr. appt next Wednesday. I will post pictures in a bit. Happy Healing!

Hot Tingling Feet

Is this normal? I am having a warm tingling sensation in my feet! I am getting worried.

More Post Op pictures- about 7 days after

Swelling still present and I am sure will last for a while. Pictures were taken about a week post-op. The bruising has gone down a lot, looks really bad, but actually getting better day by day. I am really happy with my sort of flat tummy!

More Pics

Awesome difference! Continue your resting and happy healing(:
Thank you! Best of luck to you! :)


Can't wait for the weekend. I am exhausted from the stressed-filled week. Hoping I can rest this weekend and see if some of the swelling can subside. In the morning my tummy is pretty flat and looks good, but at night my upper abdomen starts poking out and my love handles start appearing...my PS did say that I would probably have some excess fat, which is why I want to lose some weight before the summer time. Only 3 1/2 months left for summer!
Happy healing!!

Bad news...

I was able to rest and relax this weekend which i am very happy about. I'm feeling so much better -every day feeling better and better. With that said I still have my surgical tape on my incision. My ps said to leave it alone and it will come off on its own. The right side of the tape lifted up and I saw my scar for the first time...I was so upset! It looks horrible. I have skin bunched up. I can't explain it so I took a picture. The other side (I took a peek) and it doesn't look like that. Is this what they mean by dog ears?

Almost a month post-op

Okay, so I am three days shy from a month post-op. The days are very long and the nights very short! I find that as the day goes by my abdomen gets very swollen and I get very sore- my back, my legs, and stomach. I am on my feet most of the day because I am a teacher and I don't get to settle into bed until 10 or so. Today my washing machine broke so I had to take the wet soaking clothes out the washing machine and wring them. About 5 minutes after I finished, my lower back was in excruciating pain. I am hoping to rest soon enough, thinking about taking a few days off from work to rest up. On my last post I had taken a peek at my scar and was not happy at what I saw. I went to the PS last Wednesday, and he "promised" that the skin was perfectly normal and it would flatten out as the scar healed. I have to say that I have seen a difference and it has gone down, just hoping it will get better each day. I am wearing my regular clothes and I can see a big difference in my pants. My thighs and butt are smaller. My upper abdomen still bulges out, the PS had warned me about that. Hoping exercise will help that because I really want a flat tummy and not a flat lower abdomen. The PS said I can exercise starting this Saturday. A bit nervous but I will start off very slow. I will post pictures tomorrow. Take care RS ladies and happy healing.

26 days post up-Not Sleepy

I am swollen from a whole day. I am a little bit disappointed with my upper abdomen. It does stick out and the PS had asked me if I had scoliosis because I am not asymmetrical. My body tilts to one side...
Yay!!!! I haven't even thought about it almost being a month for us. That time flew by quick. You look good :) Glad to see that you are healing well. I am swollen too by the end of the day. My belly button sticks out some by the end of the day also. My daughter has Pectus Carinatum. (Think that's how you spell it). It is hardly noticeable at all on her, but her rib cage is uneven and she tilts also. Some people have it bad, but my daughter was lucky. Her Dr. thought that she might have scoliosis. Just thought that info might help by chance. TTYL :)
Thank you! I will look into that. Amazing how after 38 years I realize that my body tilts to one side.
Hey sweetie - you have great results, don't be discouraged by what you see now...the healing process is long!! - and you will be surprised how much your body changes as time goes. You and I have similar body shapes - Im six months in - also had rippling of the incision. It will flatten out - I would suggest you get a good good faja and wear it - Im still wearing mine - and along with working out - I have seen my stomach transform and my waist has trimmed. I have not lost any weight from surgery. You also need your rest - you may be doing too much too fast.. I returned to work at day 15 and I surely needed another 1 1/2 for sure and I work in an office sitting down. Happy healing.

Seven Weeks Post-opt

Hello Ladies! I haven't written in a while, not because I have not wanted to, but because I truly have had no time to take pictures and upload them. I also had a little problem (well actually still do) with my incision. When I originally took off the tape off my incision, there was still a small opening right beneath my belly button. Well it looks like the opening actually opened up a bit and large amounts of fluid (clear or yellowish) started coming out which has prevented the healing process of the opening. I was in so much pain, I could hardly walk. I went to PS and he pushed my stomach and stuck a huge Q-tip in the opening breaking down the fluid. Thank God I was still numb! I had to put on a maxi pad on it and change it as if I was actually having a period! The amount of fluid is lessening, but I have to wear gauze if not it will leak into my pants. I think I was doing too much too soon. It is hard working full time, going to school for 6 credits, and having a house and kids to keep up with. I started the gym very slowly just walking on an uphill on a treadmill. My bottom needs to get toned up badly! Have to get moving and I want to start hot yoga up again next week. I hope I can do it. Overall I am happy that I got the surgery. I realized that surgery does not fix all because I still have work to do on my body regardless of surgery or not. But slipping on my jeans with no problem is such a comfort! I can see a huge difference in the way clothes fit me, although no one has mentioned anything to me, I know that I look different. I took a few pictures today and everyday I am liking more what I see in the mirror. Love & Light to All!

Some Pics

More Pics

Sorry, having a hard time posting all pics at the same time.

Sorry, one more.

Will be interesting to see what the next few months will bring. Hopping to lose 10 pounds by summer.
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