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My Experience - New York, NY

I was quite nervous but my appointment because I...

I was quite nervous but my appointment because I read that for some people, it was really painful. The numbing needles poked me 20-something times and to me, that was the most painful part. But I also have previous experience from Dysport injections (which was mostly ineffective due to probably not enough dysport used, that cost me $800.) Depending on the area of injection, it was either a light tingling or a really sharp pinch. But I survived that part though my eyes teared up a bit.

The procedure itself afterwards were not painful at all, some parts were uncomfortable but it lasted only a few seconds. From this, I think the Dermatologist used the lowest level because my sweating isn't severe and I'm rather small in person. I think that's where she made a mistake.

Because after the procedure, I am still sweating like before and plus I am still slightly swollen/have bumps on my armpits. But I am waiting to hear back from her - it's only been two weeks - and I am hoping that after my second procedure, I will be sweat-free. But since I am still sweating, I want them to move my second appointment up because I have to go to school in the Fall and it's already almost August.

Actually, for me, I wasn't that uncomfortable the days following the procedure which means that it wasn't strong enough? I didn't ask about the levels - I am going to assume it was level 1 because it didn't take a long time and it was very comfortable except for the numbing needles. And afterwards, I was swollen and a little bruised. I was hurting the first day so I iced the area like crazy. But after that first day, I was completely fine. Didn't lose any sleep at all over any aching. And I read that for some people, it could be really painful and really uncomfortable.

I recommend this procedure but make sure to ask for a higher level? Even for me, level 1 should have worked but it didn't and I feel like I went through the discomfort for nothing. I will update soon. :)


Can I get a comment from a dermatologist? Since the first treatment didn't work, I went back for the second treatment sooner than three months; went at seven weeks. They did the second treatment at level 3 and it really burned. That day, my arms were not sweaty at all; it was very dry actually. But the next day, I'm moist again and it isn't any better than the first time or even before Miradry. What do you think is going on?
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What a bummer to still be experiencing sweating. It does seem some people need more than one treatment though. I'm glad to hear you are discussing this with your dermatologist. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

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