Microdermabrasion with Suction Gave Me Rosacea - New York, NY

Please do not do microdermabrasion with suction -...

Please do not do microdermabrasion with suction - ruined my beautiful skin - destroyed blood vessels in my face and gave me rosacea that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

Went to a "Top" doctor in NYC and she didn't know what she was doing. It has now cost me thousands on vbeam treatments and the flushing that you get with rosacea is a nightmare.


I have microdermabrasion scheduled (first time) and am re-considering! I am almost 49 years old, and have very fair skin. I have kept it protected from the sun, but hormones and the climate out here in Colorado have made it much thinner and drier. I wonder what the best treatment is for my skin? I've never used lasers either. Any suggestions would be helpful and I am glad I saw your post before getting microdermabrasion. I am sorry about what happened to you and hope your skin is better now.
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I have done microderma with Crystal suction and it worked wonders for me. My skin looks so healthy, shinny and clean. All the black heads are gone and the hyper pigmentation is looking so much lighter. Just before the treatment I had 2 appointments and my skin studied. it cost $180 NZ dollars and not much pain.
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Yes,its good to tell others what's ur experience,i've the same experience too,but the doctor tell me its my skin too soft,seems like not his fault.he is the doctor he should know n advise us,my skin is so fair n now my face got so many small dark dot,u can see its the size of the small hose,i regret going to this doctor.
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