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I went to the doctor in New York who is THE expert...

I went to the doctor in New York who is THE expert... He trained everyone else, and it was incredible what happened to the cellulite and fat....it literally disappeared! It is incredibly painful, I must admit, but if it's done by a trained doctor ( ask for credentials) the pain and steeling goes away in 24 hours, and the results after about 8 sessions are miraculous SO.... DO NOT GO TO AN UNTRAINED DOCTOR, that is the key...

Lionel Bissoon

Not only did he train in Paris, but he trains everyone in America...he brought miso therapy here. I am sad to read reviews where people have had bad experiences, because it really does work, but only if you go to the right person. Call other patients and get their opinion !

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I am so glad to hear you have had a good experience with Mesotherapy, because like you mentioned that unfortunately doesn't seem to be the case with everyone. Since you stressed his training & expertise, I'm curious what those are. As I understand it Mesotherapy is not FDA approved, so I'm curious what his training & certifications are if you feel comfortable sharing.

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I read about Dr. Lionel Bissoon and that he trained in France where mesotherapy is very popular and, therefore, they have a lot more options to choose for the patient depending on cellulite type/severity. I tried mesotherapy, unfortunately, not with Dr. Bissoon (he is too far away!) and it did not work for me. While I hear that mesotherapy may be effective when done by a specialized physician, I am not willing to spend any more money "hoping" that I will have a result and flying out to NY or France is not a time/money-wise strategy for me. Instead, I am having Cellulaze this Friday! So excited :)
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