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Best New York, NY or Long Island Arm Lift PS - New York, NY

I'm looking for an experienced PS who has done...

I'm looking for an experienced PS who has done many arm lifts in my area. Does anyone know of a great PS in this area? Ive had an unsuccessful arm lipo but lousy skin retraction. This is largely genetic heavy arms. I found the arm lipo very painful and terrified of another arm procedure BUT I need an experienced PS. Thanking you all in advance.

Hi MissV. I just had an AL and am in Northern NY. Although everyone is different and have different thresholds for pain, in my opinion, the AL was not very painful at all. At least not so far! I had a TT at the same time and was concerned about my ability to get myself up without the use of my abdominal muscles or my arms. My worries were in vain. Though my arms were (and still are) sore, I was still able to use them. Good luck with whatever choice you make.
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