21 Years Old, Lipo on Abdomen and Flanks - New York, NY

So I'm really doing it! I choose my surgery day to...

So I'm really doing it! I choose my surgery day to the first week of August. Im getting this "boxy/square" stomach gone forever With liposuction on my abdomen and flanks :) I'm so anxious at this point. Especially because the dr didn't tell me how to prepare myself in the next two month for it!!! Please RS dolls tell me what supplies I need !! I would gladly appreciate it


You look great
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Hey Rainonme123, I just had smartlipo on my upper and lower abdomen on 06/06/2014 and I must say that it was a piece of cake. Honestly it was. You'll be absolutely fine but I can imagine your nervousness considering how much time you have to wait before your procedure date. As far as supplies, you really don't need anything because your surgeon should supply you with everything that you'll need on your day of surgery. My surgeon gave me a compression garment, antibiotic ointment and bandaid for the incisions, pads to put over the incisions to soak up drainage, massage ball and a script for Vicodin. And to be honest, I never had to take a Vicodin. I took 1 Tylenol later the night of my surgery and that was it and that's cause by that time my numbing began to fade. Today I'm 3 days post op and although I'm a bit sore I was still able to go to work. It does depend on the work that you do because you really shouldn't do much of strenuous work. I'm a Medical Assistant so I don't do lifting but with it being a typical Monday we had a lot of patients so I was on the move all day causing me to experience more soreness but not much that I couldn't handle. Although I'm happy to be off work now. :) On another note, I wish you the best and please feel free to drop any questions and/or concerns and I'll be happy to answer them the best way possible.
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