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Hi there! There are so few reviews on areas other...

Hi there! There are so few reviews on areas other than abdomen, that I wanted to share my experience. I'm 38, 146lbs and 5'4". I'm active and relatively slim through the waist, but I've always had a disproportionate amount of fat on my upper thighs and bottom (think size 6 on top and 10 on bottom!). I chose Liposonix because it is not invasive. I had 16 squares on my outer thighs and saddlebags and the Dr applied 60 j throughout. Some areas were not painful or uncomfortable at all while other areas had pain. The pain is tolerable though since it is only for a second or two (until they pass over that same area again!). I took non-narcotic painkillers an hour before and that probably helped. The whole process took a little under 2 hours because there was so much area(fat) to cover! Bruising started around day 3 and lasted until day 10. The whole area turned purple, but easy to cover. There was no pain and just the mildest amount of soreness if I put pressure on the bruised area. I was able to workout(low impact) that next day. I did notice that running was a little uncomfortable, but not too bad. I'm hoping that the results are worth the effort. I already feel a slight difference in that area. It seems more solid and less jiggly. My pants are also slightly looser although probably not visible yet to others. I am going to try to update as time passes (really!). At this point in time, I am cautiously optimistic and would recommend to others.
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Did your thighs go down in size?
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I talked to my Doctor about liposonix versus liposuction having the exact same problem as you. At first he said liposonix but after he examined me he changed his mind. So I went with liposuction (5,000.00). This was the best decision I made......instant results......and very little pain. Previously I had a full facelift and I must say the lipo was a piece of cake compared to the facelift (eyes and neck also followed with the CO2 Laser). I just wished I had not waited soooo long to do the lipo. I can now wear skinny jeans where as before it was nearly impossible to find slacks that look good on me. Now my Doctor does think the liposonix is excellent though just not for me. We are all different. I wish you the best.
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I look forward to hearing how it works out for you. I had bruising and then skin discoloration that lasted over 9 months. (That's how long it's been since I did liposonix on my saddlebags. There were no difference in measurements whatsoever during that time. My weight was stable too. I continue to have minor pain on both treated areas, and I'm concerned the discoloration is an underskin scar and is permanent. My doc offered a follow-up procedure for free, but with the obvious damage and no results, I cancelled the re-do at 6 months. Vanity isn't worth permanent scarring. I understand your figure type (I am the same way), so I hope you will get some visible success. But more importantly, I hope the bruising goes away for you. "No results" is better than "bad results".
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I'm sorry to hear that this didn't work for you. Did your Dr give any feedback on why it might not have been successful or why you had the skin discoloration? My bruises disappeared completely by day 11 or 12 and now there is just the slightest shadow in the treatment area (barely visible). I'm hoping that will fade with time.
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My doctor wasn't even a doctor... she was a technician working for a doctor She seemed uncommunicative about it, offered a re-do after the measurements showed zero results, and didn't comment on the bruising "shadows". My price was $1500. She seemed surprised at the fact, and at a loss for words. I didn't demand anything at the 3-mo follow-up because I still had pain and didn't really feel like demanding a re-do of something so useless. But she offered, so I accepted, then later changed my mind. My bruises lasted MUCH longer than yours, so it sounds like your results are closer to normal. I still have pain when I roll onto my right side. I don't plan on ever doing Liposonix again. I haven't found 1 single positive result of Liposonix on saddlebags. Going into it, I knew that... but I was full of optimism and I figured I'd be the first to have saddlebag success. Months afterwards, I realized I should've waited until there was evidence somewhere of people's success. Lots of people say they've done it on their saddlebags... but there are no before/after pictures ANYWHERE. I'm somewhat saddened that so many of us keep trying it, hoping to be the first person it works on...
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