Juvederm Works in Nasolabial Folds - New York, NY

I've had Juvederm several times in the smile...

I've had Juvederm several times in the smile lines area. It really works well for me. I am 47 and have seen that area get thinned out.

It lasts a good amount of time 6-9 months. I previously had Restylane and felt that it broke up into little bits that surfaced on my face as hard white heads that needed to be removed with a lancet during facials.

I don't notice that with Juvederm.

Needle hurts! So make sure you leave numbing cream on enough time.

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Thanks for the review. Numbing cream is great info to pass on to the community. Glad you have had such a positive experience. Do you have pictures to share? Please keep us updated.



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