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Would Never Use Juverderm Again - New York, NY

I had a very experienced N.Y plastic surgeon...

I had a very experienced N.Y plastic surgeon administer botox by eye area and juvederm by mouth area about one month ago. I have had no problem with bumps forming from juverderm but I have had twitching around my mouth area where the injection was given.
I don't believe it would be noticeable but I feel it. I have no issue with the botox injection.


I can certainly understand why you wouldn't be happy with having a twitch. I did a search to try to find more info on Juvederm & twitches. Here is what I found:

Juvederm Caused Twiching, Pulling Spasms on my Face That Wont Go Away, How to I Fix This?

Injector Hit Nerve in Cheekbone W Juvaderm and Eye Twitching?

Please keep us updated on how you are doing, if you opt to have the Juvederm dissolved, or if the twitch changes as the Juvederm wears off.

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