New to Invisalign, Could Use Some Advice - New York, NY

I just started my invisalign two weeks ago, and so...

I just started my invisalign two weeks ago, and so far I am pretty happy. I would agree that they are almost completely invisible, no one has noticed them unless i've told them. My biggest concern once I started wearing them was the lisp I had developed, but it seems to have pretty much gone away at this point (Although it did take almost two weeks)

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if you develop a lisp with each new set, is this something to look forward to? haha. Does each new set also cause the discomfort the first set did? (With sharp edges causing little cuts in my mouth?)

Also, can someone please explain these buttons or attachments to me. I like my orthodontist but he did not explain to me that anything would be attached to my actual teeth. Are the buttons just on the aligners or on your teeth?

The attachments are one of those things that you have to get used to. The basic process is that they glue a dot of composite material (same stuff as a tooth colored filling) onto the outside surface of your tooth. Depending on which teeth they need to move, there may be only a couple or there may be a lot. I had 9 - 4 upper, 5 lower - which seems fairly typical.

The night that I got them, I threw myself a good old pity party and really wondered whether I had made a bad decision. Getting them on wasn't too much of a process (took probably 10 minutes), but the trays were SO much tighter after that. The first day or two, it was actual WORK to get them off.

But, 16 trays (32 weeks) later, I can honestly say that they're no big deal. You get used to them being there, you get the hang of getting the trays on/off, and in some ways, the "snap" of the trays over the attachments has become almost comforting.

The biggest complaint seems to be that they make them less invisable. If you look closely, you can see them. But, if you look that closely, you can see the outline of the tray at your gum line too. It's all relative. It's still WAY better than metal braces.

ladybug21 just posted an update to her review where she talked about the buttons/attachments. You may want to read her review, and get her take on the buttons/attachments.

Also, we have a couple forums you might want to check out. One is about lisps & Invisalign, and the other is about sharp tray edges.

Hope that info is helpful! :)

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