Day Six and First Set of Aligners Are Still Extremely Uncomfortable - New York, NY

I had braces as a teen. Teeth have moved back a...

I had braces as a teen. Teeth have moved back a good deal. Dentist said I had 'plunging cusps' where my top teeth were making holes in my bottom teeth due to alignment problem. Was very painful and nothing other than braces could correct/stop what was happening. My dentish has you wear each set of aligners for 17 days. He said you get a much better result. I am on day six of first set and still have real discomfort. Bottom seems better but top is still throbbing. Hard to concentrate, hard to be with others when you feel so cranky. Taking extratrength Tylenol because my dentist said Advil works against the aligner process. I have two years of this and was hoping to read that the next several dozen sets of aligners won't hurt as much. Not sure that's going to be the case.
Staying Strong in NYC.


I'm sorry this has been painful for you :(.  The vast majority of people feel pain the first few days of each aligner, and after that, just a little tightness or even less than that.  The way that people experience pain, however, and even the level of pain people feel when their teeth are moving is so individual, though, that it's impossible to know beforehand whether someone will have a bad experience with any treatment modality.  Will you be going back to your doctor every seventeen days for your new aligners?  (And how are you going to keep track of switching the trays anyway?)  If the pain doesn't subside significantly in the next couple of days, I would contact your doctor.  You should not have to be using Tylenol every day during this period.  It's extremely unhealthy for your body, but may also just point to something being wrong with continuing this type of treatment.  I never once had to take anything for the pain of the trays because it just wasn't that severe.

How many aligners do you have anyway?  From 2 years divided by 17 days, I got 42 and that just sounds unbelievable for an Invisalign treatment.

Please keep us posted on what's going on.

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Day 13 of first set of aligners

Bottoms are now okay. Tops still throb - sometimes more than others.
Emailed my dentist to find out how many sets of aligners I have and my total is 47!

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Feeling Better

Wearing second set of aligners which instantly felt better than the first set did. The top doesn't seem to fit as snugly and I keep feeling as the inside of my upper lip is getting sucked in. Maybe there aren't as snug as they should be.


Do you have chewies?  Some people have said that using the chewies for a while every time you put the trays in helps them fit better and tighter.

47 aligners!!!  That is completely and utterly insane.  I've never heard of that.  But I suppose it doesn't change the fact that it's only (only!!) two years.  Just….wow.  You'll be so used to it after a year, though, it's gonna be fine.  But I would definitely ask for chewies ASAP.  And when you go in to get them, you can ask whether that tray is too loose or if it's just because you need the chewies.  So early in your treatment, you should definitely be making sure that things are going well, to set a good pattern for the future.  Your doctor should be totally on board with making you feel comfortable and confident in the treatment.

Good luck!  And please keep us posted on what you find out :)
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