Heavily Considering Rhinoplasty - New York, NY

I broke my nose over 10 years ago and have hated...

I broke my nose over 10 years ago and have hated it ever since. I still have a scar from the stitches to this day. I've always wanted a nose job and now that I've found this website I'm getting closer and closer to actually doing something about it.

My main concern is the bump. I'm not a fan of the tip either but I am extremely scared of getting a bad surgery where the tip looks super fake. I think I prefer to just get my "natural" nose back so it's less noticeable. However I'll admit that if money weren't an issue I'd probably re-do the whole thing.

Same thing happened to me, broke my nose as a child and suffered the consequences for 15 years. I know it's a hard decision to make, getting an operation, it was hard for me as well. What I can advise: consult a doctor and see what they have to say. Most of them use the same techniques and any of them can give you some insight into what result to expect. Search for a doctor you can trust, good reviews or if you like their results. Once you've decided, don't let yourself be discouraged! Good luck!
Thank you for the advice! I actually changed my account and have started a new review. My surgery is in 3 days. Scary!

The key to happy rhinoplasty results is finding the right surgeon. Here's what some doctors say about choosing the right doctor for you.

Please keep us posted. And when you go to make consultations, some doctors will waive the fee if you mention RealSelf, so ask about that when you call.

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