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Envisage Facial Exerciser - New York, NY

I recently bought the envisage facial exerciser...

I recently bought the envisage facial exerciser and so far love it, I've noticed a big change in my saggy jowels, crows feet and forehead lines. I like to only use natural and non invasive products, but when I turned 50 I thought I'd have to get a surgical facelift because I was getting so many wrinkles. Thank God I found envisage instead, it's taken years off of my face and my skin feels tighter and looks smoother now. Has anyone else had similar results with this product? Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about it, there are so many facial exercise scams but this one really works!
love this product too!!! helped me get rid of the bags under my eyes I no longer look tired all the time. and then my niece used it to tone up her skin after she got her braces taken off.... what a godsend!

This is promising!!!  I would love to hear more about this product.   Does it help lift the eyelids??

Yeah! it definitely improved mine and my saggy jaw line smoothed out dramatically. This is where I got it, http://www.envisageface.com It's a little pricier than buying one of the books that shows you exercises but I like the resistance the product added, it gave me way better results.
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