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Hello. I've been researching longer-lash solutions...

I've been researching longer-lash solutions for a few months now. I purchased RapidLash and have been using it since the first week of March. While, I unfortunately did not take any before pictures (realized that this might be difficult to do on my own) I can see some growth from its use. It's not a major change at all, but I have had growth.
I've decided though that I want a more dramatic change so I am going for Latisse. I wanted to get the Careprost because it's so much cheaper, but I could not bear the thought of purchasing a bootleg product. I believe that Careprost will work, but I don't have faith in all the different (out-of-country) websites that sell it. Therefore, I have ordered Latisse from Skin Solutions MD tonight. I purchased the 5 mL bottle with 140 applicators for $114. It says it's supposed to last 10 weeks. It it does, that's about $57 per month which would be well-worth it to me!It should arrive in less than a week because I selected the 2-day shipping. I'm quite excited!
I will be sure to have my husband take some before shots of me before I begin to use the product.
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Definitely be sure to take some before pics so you can really see if you get results.  The best tip I can share is to go and buy a really thin eyeliner brush and use that instead of the brushes they provide to you- you will waste less of the product and it will last for months.  Just be sure to wash the brush well after each use- you do increase your risk of eye infection by using a reusable brush.  

Keep us posted! 
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