Desperate for Tummy Tuck After 6 Pregnancies, 1 C-section Included - New York, NY

I have been married for 24+ years and hate to see...

I have been married for 24+ years and hate to see the stretch marks and belly fat that seems to never go away despite starving myself. I need to find a doctor in New York. I exercise, limit my carbs, dont drink soda and have a beer or drink about once a month! My belly looks horrible and i need help
Everything in the city will probably be expensive and expensive doesn't always mean better. Its like real estate, you pay more to live in the city than you would in the country. I live in Atlanta, but traveled to Columbus (2.5 hours away) to have my sx done. Atlanta price $9,000+... Columbus price $5100...My results are great, and I am pleased... have you tried looking in upstate NY vs. the city? or even in Jersey or Connecticut? Whatever you decide, make sure the sx is board certified, do your research, make sure you sx gives you a signed statement that he will make revisions within a certain time in you are unhappy, ask 100 questions and most of all, talk to the ladies on this site. This is how I found my sx and I promise, I think it was the best decision I could have made. Good Look Doll XOXO
Starving yourself is a big no no if you're trying to lose weight. Eating enough cals is critical.I seen your pic from a question you posted. You'll love the results of a tummy tuck. With this in mind, you need to nourish your body for a better recovery and your general health. Your body needs carbs but more of the carbs from veggies and less from starch. Protien and fiber are biggies. Plus the right fats. Best of luck on your surgery.
soo true!!!! Protein and Fiber = Lean muscle!!! we likes that!
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