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The BEST dentist in Manhattan! I recently had a...

The BEST dentist in Manhattan!

I recently had a dental emergency and all I can say is that Dr. Goldberg and his staff were fabulous!

I'm a "scaredy cat" when it comes to the dentist. I had some awful experiences when I was younger and I honestly try to make sure I avoid time in that chair if possible!

Dr. Goldberg and his staff instantly made me feel at ease and welcome. They answered all of my questions and made the experience a pleasant one. The office is very nice and seems to be up to date on the latest developments in the dental realm (I particularly noticed the digital imaging).

I'll be going back soon and recommending this office to ALL of my friends and family!

Thank You Manhattan Dental Health!


Hi Flutterstopper :).  Wondering which tooth you got crowned, and what type of crown (material) you chose.  Did insurance cover any of that cost?  Also, is this doctor your regular doctor or did you only go to him for a cosmetic crown?  Thanks :)
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