Vitalize Peels Work Great, New York, NY

Vitalize peel on my skin is a gentle but effective...

Vitalize peel on my skin is a gentle but effective peel. There is tingling during the application and a little redness.

Generally for me, 3 days later I get a bit of flaking, but nothing that makes you have to hide away.

A week later (one the dull flakes are gone) I feel my skin looks dewier and smoother. It is not a drastic change, but a nice refresher to maintain your skin.


Hi-I go to Skintherap on east 81st street. It's a very cute and clean little spa, they are very nice and have fair prices and frequent specials. In fact, if you go to their web site you will get a discount on your first treatment.

Good luck!
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Hi, I would just like to know where you went to get that peel? I am interested in doing a peel but cannot afford some of the high prices they charge in NYC. Thank You!
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