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Im new to this im 145lb and im 19 since i was...

im new to this im 145lb and im 19 since i was younger i never liked my shape i need help finding a doctor that will give me the shape i want without braking the bank ive been looking at dr ayman shahine but been a bit skeptical after things ive read can you guys please share your experience with doctors you recommend in New York City. Thanks :)


Try Dr. Schulman. I am really happy with the results and he has a bunch of patients on here. I am sure you have seen his name.
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Thanks I have how much did he charge you if you don't mind me asking
I paid around 11,000. I think it starts at 8500 but I had a bunch of extra areas of lipo because I wanted to be big and he needed to find a lot of fat. He took about 4 liters of fat off and put in 1000 cc in each cheek. I love him!

Has anyone herd of or gone to doctor Edwin...

has anyone herd of or gone to doctor Edwin Moreano; if so please share your experience im looking into him but wanna make sure and see some one his work out side of his website.
thank bbl sister :)


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What does he use in his shots ? would you mind emailing me a picture ?
I had a little lipo w/ Dr. Shahine done on my sides and back in Feb. 2013. I was a size 4 to begin with, just wanted to tweak my figure to make it look cleaner. He made me look worse. Also, I waited 13 hours to get operated on and during follow-ups, he makes you wait 5 hours while his staff continually lies that he's on his way, he's parking etc, etc. He does not provide a garment, once you're operated you're on your own. He does not refer to a chart for his patients, the only chart is one done with handwritten scribbles when you go in to hustle you on the price. His staff is BEYOND unprofessional. Worse of all I developed 2 seromas (liquid filled sacs) on each side of my abs and when he finally saw me, he said that's how my body was shaped. He is beyond sloppy and unprofessional. Value yourself, your body and your money. Go to a Dr that is professional and has a professional staff where you will be treated with the respect you deserve.
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