Where to Get Butt Injection/Implants - New York, NY

Looking to get butt injections ... Coming from...

Looking to get butt injections ... Coming from Canada so looking for as much info as possible. I was thinking to get butt injections but I've heard some scary things about them but I've also heard they look more natural. Please give me some insight. Also if anyone has a contact info for these " two Columbia women" I'd love to speak with them.

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If You find out plz message me!
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

Are you looking for info on BBL (having your own fat injected into the buttocks to increase the volume)? There are no other injections approved by the FDA and putting anything else in your buttocks is very dangerous.

If you need info on BBL or Butt Implants then you can check out the other reviews in these areas. There are lots of ladies willing to share their stories!

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