Is This Much Bruising After Liposonix Normal? - New York, NY

I have liposonix done on my upper arms around...

I have liposonix done on my upper arms around three days ago (5 squares on each arm). There was some tenderness and soreness on the day of the procedure but no bruising at all. Then I woke up the next day and there are huge, deep purple bruises on each side of my arms. I then started taking homeopathic Arnica pellets and applying Arnica gel to the bruise on the 2nd day and saw some minor improvement on the 3rd day but pictures below show my current (3rd full day post Liposonix) condition.

Is this normal? What can I do/avoid doing to get rid of the bruising faster? Lastly, at this rate, am I likely to be mostly bruise-free 2 weeks post procedure as is the norm for most people?

Thank you for your help.
Hi akeaka - I also live in NYC & wanted to know who you went to as the prices I've found thus far are way too high for me. Your price you found sounds cool. Thanks!
That amount of bruising can be very normal. I just had this procedure done on my abs last week. By the second day I saw all kinds of bruising and it only got worse as the days went by. The bruising also "ran down" lower. ( I was warned about this due to gravity.) I'm now a week and a half post procedure and the bruising is starting to turn green in some areas and the purple areas are not as dark. I imagine that it will take close to 3 weeks before all of the bruises are gone. I am using K-Derm cream 2xday as well as Arnica gel. Hang in there!
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