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After wanting a breast reduction for over 15 years...

After wanting a breast reduction for over 15 years i finally decided to do it. Best decision ever! I'm so thrilled with my new look and even more thrilled that i chose Dr.Karlinsky. She made me look exactly th e way i wanted. Procedure was flawless. I am 3 weeks post op and already living pain free.
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Dr.Karlinsky was the first plastic surgeon i went to when i decided to have my reduction. After meeting and speaking to her plus seeing pictures of past reductions she had done i knew i did'nt have to see any other doctors. She was helpful, kind and knowledgeable, bed side manner like no other. She even gave me her personal cell phone to call the evening after my surgery and in case i had any worries. She did an amazing job and i'm getting compliments non-stop.

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i am thinking about implants- can u PM me?
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Congratulations on your wonderful results!!

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