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Breast Lift & Augmentation. Hopefully I Didn't Rush Into it - New York, NY

Less than a WK post op. Had lift with implants....

less than a WK post op. Had lift with implants. Feel implants r too small. Haven't fully seen all yet waiting for dr follow up. Feel I may not b happy so much contemplating, money, scars for a size the dr basically chose. Said large implants problematic with lift. Hope I will b happy in the end. Maybe I rushed into a decision I will have to live with for the rest of my life. I fear if I need revision. I never want to have a surgery again I'n the same area. I really hope I don't have too. I wasn't the same size on each before. Now I feel I'm still bigger on one side. I had to bring it to his attention. I had planned to visit other dr but quickly scheduled with him.


He hasn't said how long for bra... Make sure u have crackers, Ginger ale I had terribe nausea from anasteasia, so much I couldn't take pain killers, lifts prove to b more painful with implant I wish I wz more prepared... I had bras, vitamins, anarnica pills, but nothing for that nausea. Good luck hope everything goes well
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Oh yes I had nausea very bad,I always have to take that pill....thank you.... I will keep you posted
im so sorry you're not happy with your boobs. it might still be too early right now to see its final shape. but as for mine, i love them so far but my right nipple hurts like hell. its so sensitive to the touch that even wearing the surgical bra hurts. it is also leaking some fluids out from the areolas (not from the nipples) i hope this is normal because it hurts just waiting for my doctor to email me back. before surgery, my left breast was larger than my right breast. and even after surgery, my left breast is still larger than my right side but i would be the only person to notice it so it doesnt really bother me as much. im just hoping my areolas will heal correctly and i dont have an infection because the skin around the areolas are turning red. im also getting new stretch marks! ahhhh do you have any before and after pictures? i just did a peri-areolar lift but he was able to give me size DD. originally, he said he could only give me a full D since im doing a lift but i guess i had enough skin to go larger.
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