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Hi, I have scheduled my surgery for April 1st...


I have scheduled my surgery for April 1st. Am trying to determine what CC's I should go with. Currently I am a 34A and am looking for a natural small C. (But not a B). I am 5'4 and weigh 109 pounds. The doctor is recommending 240cc under the muscle mentor round plus. When I read reviews it appears everyone is unhappy with 240cc's. I am not looking for a fake look. But also dont want to be so small that they arent round and bouncy enough. Thoughts?


Hi! I would definitely try on the sizers at your PS office. Do you have another pre op appt still before your surgery? I just took a bra that didn't have any padding in it, about the size I was hoping to go for, 34C & put the implants in there to get an idea. And try them with your shirt on too, you get an idea how you like them. I'm 5' 5" 118lb & I got 400cc HP silicone unders. I ended up a full C. I was an A pre op. So, I would think you might want closer to 300, but that's why you really might want to try them on. Good luck with everything!
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. By any chance, did you try on sizers? Sometimes this helps you determine the implant size of your desired look. I have heard that you lose 20-50 cc's when you go under the muscle, so don't forget to account for that loss. Some pre-op photos woud be helpful!

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I had mine done nov 20th. I hsd 330 silicone under the muscle . I was almost a b34 before. Now I'm a 36c / some bras c34 I pesonally would have gone a bit bigger knowing now.but saying that I wouldn't go smaller than 300 cc my opinion. Good luck
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