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I am 37 years old and have hated my chest since I...

I am 37 years old and have hated my chest since I was 12. Speaking of I look like I have the chest of a 12 year old. Anyway I have been going back and forth between breast implants and breast removal (stories). I am so confused! I get scared thinking about 10 yrs from now or even 5 months if something bad were to happen. Does everyone go though this?

10 years from now you could wind up sick- trust me I'm an RN & I'm sick. Read the Naked truth before you jump written by Susan Kolb, MD who is a plastic surgeon. In addition check Dr Melmed's documentary "Absolutely Safe out of Dallas, Texas who is also a plastic surgeon. Then pour over all the FDA documentation on their website about lack of true safety assurances. Be sure to read & reread. Lastly consider the fact that it is now recommended to replace implants every 7-10 years. Add up how many times you'll need to have these needless surgeries in your lifetime. Will you have the money as the cost of the procedure goes up to keep doing this every 10 years? Then if you really need convincing take a look at a few women who have needed to have their implants removed as it can be ultimately disfiguring. I dread it. This post I am happy to truthfully sign my name to without pretense. It is the truth. Catherine Brady,RN
Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the info and will absolutely read the info you have suggested. I feel awful that you are I'll from them :-(

You mean breast implant removal. And IMHO, you are wise to think about the possible complications. It's so much better to know what could arise than to charge ahead uneducated.

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf. I look forward to reading more about your journey.

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