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So i've been stalking this website for months!!...

So i've been stalking this website for months!! lol i am 21 years old, i have a 3 yr old daughter and my body has never been the same since. Before my daughter i had an amazing shape and had a fabolous booty after the baby it went down hill. So i finally decided now is the time. I found an amazing doctor in NYC. My procedure is July 30th, i am having liposuction done to my abdomen and my flanks. I'm about 5'6 and weigh about 158. I'm so nervous about the procedure i need some words of wisdom. I do want to have a nice round "bubble" as they call it lol. My doctors said 300-500 ccs is going to suite me perfect.

thanks nicki! im super hyped, i have seen his work hes really good and really knows how to make the female body more feminine. He doesnt really specialize in extra large booties but he has told me i will see excellent improvement with a more full behind. I want to put some before pictures up .. have to take some asap

Hey there,

Thanks for sharing your jurney with us. I'm sure you'll get lots of support from the other BBL ladies, please do keep us updated on your progress!

Hey girl, congrats on starting your journey... Good luck with your doctor, have u seen any of his other work? Your big day is coming up... So jealous... Are u ready?

Im becoming super anxious, the surgery is in about...

Im becoming super anxious, the surgery is in about 33 days away and its all i can think about. Im just wondering how its going to be when i wake up .. What type of pills will i need to help the bruising, i just need some advice :)
Hi I've also contacted body cosmetica and I wanted to know how are their financing plans?
How were the results?
good luck :) @livluv
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I heard about Dr. Hyman from a close friend of mine who had a breast aug. done by him. I went to his website (bodycosmetica.com) and checked out his profile and his before and after pictures and he seemed to be really good. I made my appointment with Body Cosmetica and it was amazing. His staff is so friendly, they made me seem right at home not to mention there financing options are great.

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