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Im 22 with 2 kids 5'9'' and weigh 160, I cant find...

Im 22 with 2 kids 5'9'' and weigh 160, I cant find no docter. I had 2 consulation in PA both said they do BBL but could not produce 1 piture WTF. (Dont waste my time.) When I asked How many BBL you do? one said she does about 1 a year and it LOOKS like a easy job. The other doc showed me a piture of a body builder who did not have a ass it was the same as the before pic and I had to ask him twice as if he didnt not hear me the first time ask for the piture.

I need help I dont want to travel to Florida or Mexico to get the results that I know someone up north can do.

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How to use cardboard and foam Really confused....
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no new yourk doc,if you wanna get wt you want try florida or mexico..best wishes
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welcome. im in jersey and i'm going to dr. sanjay lalla in west orange. i know a couple on here went to docs in PA and i think theres 3 or 4 docs that some of the girls went to in NY. u just gotta look it up tho cuz i can't remember their names. sry. much success to ya
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Hi there,

Welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Sorry you're having a hard time finding a doctor. You can use our doctor finder feature, to search for board certified doctors, throughout the USA. Just click ont he city/state and then on the treatment type. It will bring up the doctors in that area.

Hope this helps!

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