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Still Searching - New York, NY

I want dr. Salama, but I just haven't received a...

I want dr. Salama, but I just haven't received a response. So far I have heard from 2 Dr's. One from NY, and the other from Jersey. I have posted they're info, and the quotes I received on my page.. Im just waiting for Dr.s to tell me whats going on, because I want this ass HUGE !! I have gained some weight. I am 170 now, I will post up some pic of me now. Idk. Times is hard on my end. I have to pay off school and I have bills on top of that. I have seen everyone's work, but I love Dr. Salama's work. I hope and pray I can get some good prices, because this pancake I have, needs to be fluffy!
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Dr.s is charging 9199 now...going up every few months
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Welcome sis...good luck.on your journey
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Hey girl! When I got my quote from Dr. Salama back in march sometime it was $8400 and then it went up to $9K something. I think $9100?? And that was only flanks, abs, and lower back. Dr. Perry is also in FL and his price was $8400 and he gives discount if u pay cash. His price included full stomach, full back, arms, flanks, inner thighs, inner knees (if needed). I'm going to Dr. Lagrasso in Dec and his price is $6k includes stomach, flanks, back, bra area. I'm doing inner thighs for additional $500. I'm going to dr lagrasso's practice at Tribeca Med. I believe he also work certain days at Pascual which is owned by a lady surgeon. I've heard bad reviews on customer service there which is why I'm goin to his own practice. I also weigh about 166-170 on bad days...lol! Well good luck on ur journey!! Keep us posted
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Heyy, thank you soo much for the info. It was very helpful in many ways. I also have another page. I have all my pics and info on there too. And good luck with your journey as well!
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