Need More Information on BBL in Dominican Republic - New York, NY

Hello All, I stumbled upon this site last week and...

Hello All, I stumbled upon this site last week and can't seem to get away from it. I am so curious about the BBL procedure. I really want to enhance my shape. I would like all the necessary information needed to carry out the process. Also give me all the tips, do's and don'ts. I would like a doctor who's safe and uses up to date materials and instruments in addition to a clean hospital/ surgery facility. Is it advisable to get this done before I have a kid? Who would be the best surgeon for this job? I dont want to spend more than $4000. Thanks in advance for all your feedback.
Read all you can read on here and the Internet, I second the dr's that Bblready913 mentioned, I myself am going with Duran. Also there's Cabral who lots of girls are going to.
Dra. Yily de los Santosis popular, and I'm scheduled with her for the 26th...however, you should check out her work, reviews on real self and her website. I personally know people who have gone to Dra Walkiris Robles; I believe she does all inclusive packages. Dra. Augustina Duran is another favorite on RS, but I don't know much about her. I've also heard of a Dra. Baez. Read the reviews, do your research and go w your gut. As for pricing, you will most certainly spend more than 4k...a bbl procedure alone costs about 3k (mine is 3200) and you've got to factor transportation, lodging, pre and post op supplies...etc. Happy Hunting!
Thank you so much. I am having mixed feelings because I want the change done to my body but I don't want to be in pain and uncomfortable in addition to hearing some of the horror/death stories of surgeries gone wrong.
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