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When I found this website I became hooked and was...

When I found this website I became hooked and was so surprised to see so many women feel the same way I do, anywho I live in NY so I'm looking for a PS in NYC. I went for a consultation with Dr. Francis he was was really nice as well as his assistant Anela, with some reviews I heard he is not aggressive with his lipo and he is conservative with the amount of CC's he put in your booty so I'm a little skeptical about choosing him. I was also looking at Dr.Jones at Lexington Surgery I may be wrong with the name but he's on Lexington has anyone gone to him?
I have a curvy body with a tight waist but it's just these love handles/back fat that gets in the way :( my measurements are 36-31-43. I have a booty but it doesn't have volume SMH...I workout 3 to 4 times a week and these flanks does not want to go away. I want this procedure done so I can feel sexier and more confident in my physical appearance this is for me and my family won't understand me because they would judge me so this is my little secret.
I wish you ladies all the luck in you BBL Journey

Does anyone know how to post pics?

Does anyone know how to post pics?

Thanks Lovethyself for all your post and reviews...

Thanks Lovethyself for all your post and reviews for Dr. Francis, it helped me make my decision to stay close to home instead of going to Atlanta or Miami. I decided to go with Dr. Francis because I get a good vibe from him and Anela, I will make my deposit this month to hold my date sometime in January in 2014, yea I know thats a long time but I don't want to Finance my procedure so I'm paying out of pocket.

Here's some pics of me and my wish pics, I think I'm a good canidate for a BBL and hopefully I can get between 800-1000 cc's

TTYL lovely's.

After 3 years I'm finally going to do it!!!

After 3 years I'm finally going to do it!!! In the previous review I was looking at Dr. Francis for the BBL. Then I got side tracked and ended up in a relationship. That went south and he brought my self esteem to an ultimate low, but he made me realize if I'm not happy with myself, I can't make anyone happy. So, it's all about me now. I'm always doing for others and trying to please when I should be doing this for myself. At first, I was just going to get lipo. So, I went for a consultation with Dr. Tehrani in NYC for lipo ONLY was a whopping $11,000. I wondered what a BBL will cost :/. I only wanted to get lipo because now I'm nervous about the BBL because I don't want a HUGE booty, I'm a shy/simple girl lol. Anyway, I started to read reviews about Dr. Salama because his lipo was the best I seen with what I'm looking for. He had great reviews so I sent a email, Cynthia responded the next day. I sent her 3 photos and the next day she responded with Dr. Salama opinion. He considered a BBL because I'm a good candidate, my butt is like a square shape on top and a little round in the bottom. So I understand that he can make it more rounder and fuller but I'm nervous that I will get a gigantic ass. What you guys think? The all-inclusive deal is $8299. My only thing is that how would the plane ride be coming back home. Has anyone traveled from NYC or any place to go see Dr. Salama? How was the plane ride home? How long did you have to stay in Miami and how soon did you go back to work? I can't take to many days off in a row, so I'm a little nervous about that too. Please share your thoughts, I need them lol. Until next time ladies!


Yasssss!!! I finally mad a decision to go with Dr. Del Vecchio. I had a phone consultation with him and I felt good about it. He was the only one that ask me where I was from and how I was doing, I liked that. I will call Johanna tomorrow to set up a date and put a deposit. Hopefully he has something open in December. When I saw Delvecchiodoll Instagram I knew I wanted him as my doctor. I will update on my date once I get it.

Countdown Begins!!!

Hey ladies, happy Thursday. Did anyone see EMPIRE!!!! Love that show. Any who, December 7, 2015 is the day. I'm excited and can't wait, I'm sure the nervousness will come when the time is near. Right now I weigh 181lbs I want to lose 10lbs so I can be 170 sx day. I wanted to go down to 160 or 165 but Dr D doesn't want me to go any lower than 170. Here are some wish pics and before photos.

When should I get my lab work and ekg done?

Hey ladies, I have a question. I wanted to know when should I get my lab work done and taking my vitamins, since my surgery is in less than 3 months? Have a GN Dolls ttys.

Help with buying faja's

Hey girlies,
I'm trying to buy a faja but I have no idea which one I need. What's the best one to get? And how many stage garments do I need? Are there any fajas that's multiple stages in one?
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Going with Dr. Del Vecchio

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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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