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Im 45y.o. and a grandmother. I'm 4'11...

Im 45y.o. and a grandmother. I'm 4'11 weigh 128, i have a butt but i just need some tightness lift, I have shape but can get rid of my love handles. I was considering going to Dr. Pakeman. Has any one had the bbl procedure done with him, if so please tell me how was your experience and would you recommend him. I went for a consultation but was so nervous, i didnt know what to ask. now is when i am doing my research before i go and schedule for the appointment. I see good reviews but has anyone actually gone that can tell me about their experience. Thanks:)

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Good luck :)
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Hi there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. We have 3 other community members who have had their BBL done by Dr. Pakeman. The links to their reviews are below, hopefully you'll be able to get some useful information from their experiences.

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