28 Year Old Latina Female Working Hard for a New Chapter in Her Life - New York, NY

Hello to all my fellow RealSelf people, I would...

Hello to all my fellow RealSelf people,
I would first and foremost like to thank you all for all the knowledge, dedication and tips you all contribute to this website. It has made my experience much more knowledgeable and thorough. To start off, I had my initial consultation with Dr. Schulman on January 29, 2014 for a BBL procedure. The best part of this consultation was how comfortable Dr. S made both my husband and myself feel. Dr. S is very patient and answers all questions one may have. I am beyond excited to announce that I have finally scheduled my surgery date with Dr. Schulman for Tuesday, May 20, 2014. To give you all a little insight of myself, I am a 5'8 Ht., 28-year-old Latina female who originally weighed 231 Lbs. I currently weight 220 Lbs. Dr. S has instructed to be under 200 Lbs. before surgery for best results, however my personal goal is to be under 180 Lbs. (high school weight…lol). One of the toughest things that I have had to go through since scheduling this surgery is to change my eating and exercising habits. I am a plus size woman and therefore have to take that extra steps to get the best ending results. I can’t wait to share my experience with you all, pictures of my current frame to follow.
congratulations! Dr. Schulman is the absolute Bomb!!! I love his work. You are going to look fantastic. Can't wait to see your results!
Thank you!! I will post pre-op pictures soon.
Hey bootygodess.. im new to this site too and I am so grateful to all the ladies who have shared thier journey. It has made this procedure so much easier to navigate!! I have a consul with Dr S on May 2nd and I am soo excited. I wish u the best with your upcoming surgery and looking forward to following your journey!!

Working out

As I previously mentioned, I need to be under 200 pounds for best results. (I am 5'8 in height) Loosing weight has been a mission, my eating habits have been changed and I'm at the gym at least 4 x a week. I have approximately 9 weeks before my surgery. Any advice from any ladies that needed to loose 20 pounds or so before surgery ? I would greatly appreciate it.
Hey girl, I am excited for your transformation. This site has really helped me gain a lot of knowledge as well as feel confident and comfortable in my decision. I too am on a mission to lose some weight so my results can be amazing. I am sure you will look great!
Thank you!!! I'm really looking forward to it, and this website has been so beyond helpful and informative. I love getting updates that sometimes the doctor or nurses don't tell you, like using the bathroom or how to hide it from coworkers, lol... But I am excited, can't wait to see your profile.
Bootygoddess.. ok, I will definitely do that. Im not looking for a Nikki Minaj type booty.. just a natural looking phatty.. lol I'll upload some wish pics soon too :))

Ready to post up pre transformation pics!!

Just a quick update, I have been working very hard at the gym. I also cut soda and candy :-( .... But I have lost 13 pounds :-) !!!! thank you to all the ladies for the updates and information, this would be such a difficult transformation if it wasn't for "graduated" sisters on the "other side" of the booty... Can't wait to start buying supplies and vitamins


Excuse the typo and grammar... Next time I'll update from a computer and not a phone.. Lol

I meant to say

I lost 17 pounds!! (I don't know why I put 13.) To all the ladies trying too loose some of the extra weight before the surgery, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!
Losing weight is tough, but you're doing it! Surgery is a great motivator!! Hope it all goes well and you achieve that juicy booty!! :)
Thank you !!! I am super motivated by the bootay :-) .. Lol
Congrats on your weight loss!!! Can wait for you to be on the big booty side :)

The day is fast approaching ...

I am sure many of you girls go through this, but I am having anxiety, fear and sadness. I'm about 6 weeks away and it's starting to hit me. I have been shutting down and feel like I need to wake up and start preparing. Just wanted to say what's on my mind. Happy Saturday Real Self.
Welcome to the Schulman team!!!! Yay!!!! The emotional rollercoaster is normal. I hope it turns to pure excitement and anticipation for you soon. Congrats on your weight loss!!!! Dedication gets results and you are proof of that. And if you can focus on preparing your space and items for recovery, I'm sure it will help combat the anxiety. Very best wishes and blessings to you!! =)
Thank you for your well wishes. I am very excited!! I just get anxiety thinking of the supplies and recovery, but at the end of the day I know that this is going to make me so happy!! :-)
I totally understand. This journey is no walk in the park. And yes, you will be overjoyed when it's all said and done. Despite the challenging recovery thus far (which is average given some of the complications I've read about) I'm elated. As you will be too. Dr. Schulman is excellent, you're going to be in very capable hands :-)

26 days left until my surgery....

I am proud to say that I have made progress. I have my vitamins which are Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Folllic, Multivitamin, and Iron. I still need to get B12 for some energy. I got a large plastic cup from Checkers. Now I need to order Medi-sol and get medical supplies. I am still anxious but very excited now. I will be seeing Rachel tomorrow for my final payment and then I will be going to get my paperwork. I still have a way to go as far as preparing but things are starting to fall into place. If you ladies have any suggestions please let me know.

Quick update with my weight, I am currently at 204-205, 5 pounds more to be 200 or below. Have a great day and recovery to all the recent BBL ladies.
Doing great hun!!
Thanks sis !!! I have great veterans leading the way ;-) can't wait to be on your side !!
Welcome sis!!! Aww :)) you will be very soon!!

Update pictures

So I've been talking about my weiht loss, but here is a current picture for you guys to see. Also I included some wish pics ????.

On another note, I went to see Rachel on Friday and made my final payment!! It's getting so real !!! I also went in for my bloodwork Friday, which may I add was done at City MD not too far from Dr.S's office and the serice there was great!! I only had to pay my copayment and Saturday morning a gentleman from the office called me with my results !! I highly recommend this place if you want to opt out of your primary physician knowing of the surgery. Now I will wait for Dr. S to clear me. :-). I also recieved the scripts for the post op meds and filled them on Saturday. So I'm definitely trying to take care of business ASAP !!! I still need my boppy pillow and extra supples like pads and chuks for the bed, on and the medi-sol adhesive remover !!! can't forget about that !! Lol, that's my quick update, Happy Sunday to all you RS ladies !!!
Good luck luv!
Thank you ;-) !!!

Sorry for any typos

*weight loss

I am clear for Surgery!!

I am so happy, today I received an email from Rachel, I am clear for Surgery!!! I also ordered two bottles of Medi-Sol liquid remover. I am very excited the date is quickly approaching!! Happy Tuesday everyone.
Yaaaayyy I'm so excited for you. Everything will be great! Dr Schulman is the best! Your in the best of hands!
Thank you !!! I can't wait, I am nervous but mostly anxious and ready to be on the other side !! Lol
I'm sure you are! :0)

2 weeks away !!!

Right now I feel like I'm at the denial stage, I can't believe my surgery is in 2 weeks!!!. I feel like this is a dream and it's really not going to happen. I'm a roller coaster of emotions at this time :-@ lol ...

On another note, I received my 2 bottles of Medi-Sol, thank you @Elli890 for the information and recommendation!! I ordered them from dtep.com (elli890 suggested) much cheaper than amazon. So I ordered 2 at 9.95, they require $10 minimum to ship. With Amazon it was almost $20 anyways, at least I have 2 bottles now. I still need a boppy pillow.. Lol Happy Sunday !!

Medi-sol picture

A picture of my medi-sol sprays, these are adhesive removers for the foams. I have very sensitive skin, so definitely do not want to tear my skin.

Recieved the call !!!

I am so excited, I just recieved a call from NP Sari. I have my appointment for next week!! I wanted 1st surgery of the day, but I got second :-( it's ok, more time for Dr. S to work on fixing this body !!! Lol jk I can't wait, after feeling a bit numb and in denial that this Surgery is going to happen, I suddenly am ready to jump up and down !!!! I feel like taking Booty4Real's advice and leaping in to the table on Tuesday!!! Lol I still need my boppy pillow, but otherwise I think I have all the necessities that I need!!! I will try to update some before pics soon. Happy Thursday !!
Good luck doll, my surgery is scheduled for 5/22 w/Dr. S. I'm also going through a ton of emotions but overall excited. Can't wait to see your results.
Thank you!!! And don't worry, I know exactly how you feel!! I am like a roller coaster with emotions, but right now I feel very calm. I'm sure my anxiety will kick up Monday,. Lol.. Can't wait to see your results either!!

It is tha DAY !!!!

So rushing to Dr. S's operating suite, I still don't believe this is happening. I'm so calm and mellow!! Will update you all after :-) God I pray you keeps safe !!!

Typos on phone

Sorry that you keep me safe.
Blessing and good luck!!! You're in wonderful hands.
Thank you so much, I feel like I am dreaming!!
I felt that way too. It is a dream come true. When you wake up tomorrow rub your tushy so you know it's real. Lol ;-)

Im on the other side!!!!

I feel great, I heard the pain won't kick in until tomorrow. Right now it is 10:41 pm. After a long nap, I feel very bruised up but good. When I first woke up from Anesthesia I felt very weak and in terrible pain!! However, Jane and the other lovely nurse, (my mind went blank with her name, sorry) where such sweet and caring angels. I was there longer then expected because my blood pressure was a little low, but right away the ladies took care of me. I'm not going to lie, when I first woke up, I woke up crying for my fiancé, but I was just emotional. He has been my rock during all of this, he rushed over to my side being that he went home while I was in SX. Ladies I highly recommend you have someone you can trust and can care for you, otherwise it would be so much more difficult. I'm going to now relax and catch up with all my shows, just been trying to stay happy and healthy. I will update you all soon.

Oh also, my diet was broken under my wonderful nurses' orders :-) carbs are helpful as well as chicken, so I had chicken chunks, rice and beans. Don't forget lots and lots of water !!!

In advanced, sorry if any typos ...lol
What measurement are you hoping for?
I didn't measure anything exactly, but I want lots of projection and roundness. Dr. Schulman said it Was hard to request a certain numbers of cc's. I did want 1500 or 1600 per cheek.. lol
That is a lot... so I'd you lose.. up to 30% sometime some people. 1000 pre cheek is a lot.... get it model. .. lol

Woke up in pain and very swollen

Hi ladies, so last night my pain med was due at 1 am. I slept though the night and realized what a mistake that was. I woke up in bad pain at 8 am.since then I took my meds and walked for about 10 minutes and back to bed, it is 10:22 and I feel swollen but
Not in as much pain. Will update you ladies
Good healing
Thank you CinnamonCandi :-)
Set up cellphone for u r med schedule. ..and put in what u r to take

TMI ... Had my 1st BM

Now I see why it is a parade when ladies have a BM !!! Thank God for the pills Dr. Schulman gave me, Docqlace, I normally am constipated and it's hard for me to go to the bathroom. Thank God, it was a smooth transition today. I used this bucket (see picture) and put two black plastic bags over it, when I was done my fiancé threw out the bags. The bucket made it easy not to have to bend all the way down to my tub, because it's very low and I'm a tall girl. Just wanted to share this piece of information, after the BM I feel much better too!! :-) oh also, make sure you have lots of baby wipes available. Also, I took my garment completely off, I didn't want to risk tripping on it, putting it back on was a little painful but I survived. Happy Healing to all the other ladies going through it and thank you to Msisiskali and Booty4real for your continuous advise and checking up on me. :-)
Awww, you're so sweet. Sisters look out for each other and we're glad to be of help and to support. Congrats on the BM!!! Lol, like a parade indeed. You're doing real good for 3 days in. Awesome!!!
I don't feel like it, and with my lady period coming today I just felt like crying. Another thing I have to worry about now. But thank you, without all you ladies this would be harder. You ladies help lead the way for us!! Thank you
I understand. I cried too. The mental part of recovery is a lot. Let the tears out and I promise by next week this time you'll be in a different emotional place. You'll be able to be more active and with many things in your life getting back to normal it will make you feel better. Keep your head up. Xoxoxoxo

Shower day...

This morning I woke up, after my second BM I began to prepare to shower. It was painful and took a while for y fiancé to take off all the foams and tape. I take off my garment to use the bathroom and I kept getting so lightheaded. I was laying down every 3-5 minutes as my fiancé was taking off the foams. I couldn't bare the feeling of passing out. After finally getting off all of the foams, I jumped in the shower. It felt so good, but I was only in the shower like 8 minutes because again I started to feel so lightheaded. I got enough time to really wash my body, I skipped washing my hair until I feel better. I put my garment back on and laid down and napped, I woke to my period :-( never had it come like this and especially when I'm laying down. So now I had to get up and fix myself. I normally don't use tampons, but for this situation it's a must, I need to send my fiancé to buy me some. It's hard to put on a pad over the garment too. So to end my day, I'm going to relax some more and nap, I want this healing process to be over.
Girl I got mines the day before my sx. Chile Please!!! An additional headache but make sure you increase your iron now because that extra blood loss. I was very light-headed as well. Congrats & happy healing :)
Great to know, because I stopped the iron thinking it would help me from not sing as heavy. Thank you!!
U welcome. I was instructed from my nurse to double my dose. But the problem now with the extra iron is the bowel movement but girl you got a big BOOTY! ;)

Memorial Day

Wishing every one a great day of remembrance.

Sorry I haven't been updating, but thank God I am feeling a lot better physically, mentally is still challenging. Today, I was able to enjoy a long walk with my fiancé aroun the park and target. We even went to apple bees!! We sat at the bar, well he sat and I stood right next to him. Lol I'm sure people looked at me like I was crazy, but he didn't care and neither did I. It was so beautiful to get out of the house!! The biggest issue I have now is the itch, the stiches are sooooo itchy !! So I bought triple antibiotic ointment and hydrocortisone for the non stitch areas that are also itchy. How long is the itch for ?? I'm glad I'm healing and getting close to that one week mark is making me feel better, 1 down 7 to go (before I'm back to normal) .. Lol .. Happy Menorial Day RS and I wish you all a happy healthy healing. I'll post pictures soon.
You look great :D.
Thank you ;-)
Your posts are inspiring! How many CCs did you get? Any pictures recent pics?

1st follow up yesterday !!

Sorry for the late entry, I had my first follow up yesterday with Dr. Schulman's physicians assistant, Sari. It went well, she cut off the stitches and checked that everything look well. Sari is very sweet and informative. I have been walking quite a bit and asked Sari if it was normal to feel a little pain and get swollen and tight after walks. She informed me that it's ok, however I may get more swollen, so I feel that a combination of lots of walking and resting should be good. I also asked about the size, taken out 2,700 cc and 1,350 in each cheek. not bad, however I was looking forward to 1,600cc per cheek. I'll ask Dr. Schulman next follow up when I get to see him. I also picked up my stage 2 garment, we get two options, one is a thong and the other is a body suit in shorts very similar to the stage 1 garment. I was a little confused and superstitious that stage 2 had the butt area covered, so of course I called Rachel today and she said that it was fine to have some compression in the butt for stage 2. I'm still going to try to get the thong for future use. I Can also start using mederma now which is great!! I will add that Dr. Schulman was very discreet with my incisions and I love that !!! On another note, I continue to itch, but not as bad. I also am still taking arnica by Hyland's which is much less expensive than the Arnika Forte I received from the doctors office. In my opinion Arnica by Hyland's worked just as great if not better. I got it at GNC but will reorder on amazon.com for a much better price. That's it for now ladies I need a nap, happy healing to all the ladies in recovery!!!
Looking juicy :) glad your recovery is progressing well!
Thank you Booty4real!!! You have truly been so beyond wonderful and supportive during my recovery, Thank YOU!!!
Awww :)) your welcome!! xoxo

Almost 2 weeks post op

OmG can't wait to see more pictures
Thank you ;-) cant wait for the swelling to go down.
Look at that phatty :) still some swelling in your abdomen-sides, but it will get better

Posted some pics last night

I posted some pics for our friend LexiR, hope they helped :-) .. I am feeling so much better these day, I am not going to lie the itching is still real, but no where near to before. My booty is starting to soften up around the edges. I stopped taking Docqlace, the pill to help me go to the bathroom for two days because I felt like I was starting to get the runs. I started to take them again last night because I was getting a little constipated, so keep that in mind ladies when taking this stool softener. I still have bruises but they are getting lighter. Its a beautiful day in NYC, going for a walk :-) BTW someone still needs to help me put my sneakers on.. lol
Hey, how are you doing? Are you still in pain? Hopefully things are getting better :0)
So far all pain is gone. Unfortunately, I already see I'm going to need a revision. How are you?
girl I am in serious pain. Thank goodness for solo cups because without them, I would not be able to use the bathroom. Everything hurts. Even my arms and I didn't have them lipo-ed. why do you think you will need a revision? Is it not as big as you wanted?

Almost feel 100

Sorry for going M.I.A. I have been so busy with my new job. I am feeling better, but am not completely happy with my results. As times goes by I feel like my butt is getting smaller and I wish it was bigger. I talked to Dr. S and he told me to wait until the swelling went down a little further. So I am going to talk to him when I see him again, hopefully this month.

On a side note, I don't know if you ladies have gone through this but I am noticing that I am growing a lot of hair in my butt and stomach area. I spoke to my friend from RS who had the procedure done 2 weeks before me and she also has the same issue. It is weird, has this happened to any of you ladies? If so, did it fall off on its own?

Hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend.
Hello hun.! Looking very nice..! Did meladern work for you.!?
I don't understand why anyone would want a huge fat hippo butt. Gross. You do realize that the ass on that magazine cover was heavily HEAVILY Photoshopped? In other words, it's FAKE!
Many of us like a BIG, PHATT, ROUND, PROJECTED.......BOOOTY. I guess to each is own.......
New York Plastic Surgeon

I didn't want to rate until the surgery was over, but let me tell anyone who is skeptical or scared. Dr. Schulman is the absolute best!!! His staff, including anesthesiologist, tech and NURSES are the best !!!! I'm on per a right now so I only remember Jane's name but both she and the other lovely lady where the sweetest nurses!!!! Everyone makes you feel welcomed and so comfortable. After laying on the table, I remember getting the giggles then waking up with a "donk" .. Lo... but the service is amazing. 110% to all staff!!! THANK YOU!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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