dont get botox in the forehead unless you want it frozen - New York, NY

If you don't mind not being able to move your...

If you don't mind not being able to move your forehead at ALL, then Botox is for you. Personally, I have found it distracting, caused increased pain the the hairline and temple area, made my thinking dull as well as my emotions. Since the injections in my forehead, I have felt I developed ADD. It is that distracting. It will not be to all, but please know it could happen to you. Do the research!!

Thank you so much for sharing with us how you felt after getting your Botox. When you mentioned you felt like you developed ADD after the injections, I'm assuming its because you couldn't focus as well(?). I'd love to know more about what it was like. Was it kind of a foggy brain feeling, or more like racing thoughts, or something else entirely?

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