Asian Revision Rhinoplasty - New York

Can not described how l feel now , im 6months out...

Can not described how l feel now , im 6months out of surgery ,my nose looked horribles , the surgeon use goretex on the bridge and septal cartilage on the tip , i hated it ,(artificial look) i wish i have never touch my nose ,at least it look natural , can anyone tell me who does the most natural looking asian nose in nyc ?
Read my review. I had 2 failed Asian rhinoplasties in NYC by 2 different plastic surgeons. One of them is even an ivy league graduate-- he's lucky I didn't sue him. The only doctor who was able to fix my nose and make it look beautiful and natural is Anil R. Shah, at the Water Tower in Chicago, IL. He is worth the airfare and 8 days in a hotel.
why did you choose anil shah rather than the ones in beverely hills?
can we see the results of anil shah?
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