18 Year Old Male, in Need of Rhinoplasty and Considering Chin Implant or Sliding Genioplasty - New York, NY

I have provided photoshopped before and after...

I have provided photoshopped before and after images of my desired results.
I would like to get rhinoplasty to correct my deviated septum, reduce the size of my nostrils, and remove my dorsal hump.
I also want to slightly project my nose (mostly near the tip), because I feel that my current nose may be too short for my face, and that it makes my profile look flat.
What would a surgeon need to do to achieve my desired result? Would I need a nasal implant?.. cartilage grafting?
I also want a chin augmentation to correct my receding chin. The tip of my chin is very close to my neck and I have a weak jaw. I am hoping that projecting the chin forward (horizontally) would create a stronger jaw line and a more balanced profile.
However, I am concerned that a chin implant would add height to my chin/jaw, and elongate my face. This could make the lower third of my face disproportionate. I want my profile to be more sharply defined/angular/masculine, and would not want an implant to appear unnatural and bulbous on my face.
Also, my chin/jaw is slightly off center(shifts to the left), and am worried that a standard chin implant would make the asymmetry more noticeable. Would I need a customized chin implant to achieve my desired result? If so, would a small, medium, or large implant best fit my face?
Or would I benefit more from a sliding genioplasty?
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Thanks for starting your story here on RealSelf! It sounds like you've given this a lot of thought. Your photoshopped images look great. I have the small chin/jaw, too and it vexes me to no end! A sliding genioplasty is certainly more invasive than a chin implant. I would recommend consulting with a few board certified plastic surgeons to find out what they say and how they would proceed. You can then decide what approach you like best. Here's a list of questions to ask at your consultations. Please keep us posted on what you decide to do!
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Thank you for your advice, I will keep you posted!
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