18 Year Old Male, in Need of Rhinoplasty and Considering Chin Implant or Sliding Genioplasty - New York, NY

I have provided photoshopped before and after...

I have provided photoshopped before and after images of my desired results.
I would like to get rhinoplasty to correct my deviated septum, reduce the size of my nostrils, and remove my dorsal hump.
I also want to slightly project my nose (mostly near the tip), because I feel that my current nose may be too short for my face, and that it makes my profile look flat.
What would a surgeon need to do to achieve my desired result? Would I need a nasal implant?.. cartilage grafting?
I also want a chin augmentation to correct my receding chin. The tip of my chin is very close to my neck and I have a weak jaw. I am hoping that projecting the chin forward (horizontally) would create a stronger jaw line and a more balanced profile.
However, I am concerned that a chin implant would add height to my chin/jaw, and elongate my face. This could make the lower third of my face disproportionate. I want my profile to be more sharply defined/angular/masculine, and would not want an implant to appear unnatural and bulbous on my face.
Also, my chin/jaw is slightly off center(shifts to the left), and am worried that a standard chin implant would make the asymmetry more noticeable. Would I need a customized chin implant to achieve my desired result? If so, would a small, medium, or large implant best fit my face?
Or would I benefit more from a sliding genioplasty?


Your photoshopped images look very good. I didn't know they were photoshopped at first, so I felt very amazed of the "results". You should consult with a board certified surgeon for sure, he will probably know best what to do. However, if you shave your hump, I wanna recommend having spreader grafts put in at the same time, so the nose wont collapse afterwards (happened to me, unfortunately). I dont think you should have any nasal implants, and then I am thinking about silicone implants. You could maybe use some of your septum cartilage to add length to your nose. The spreader grafts can also force the nose downwards or project your nose even further, if I am not totally wrong here. Good luck with everything :)
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Thanks for starting your story here on RealSelf! It sounds like you've given this a lot of thought. Your photoshopped images look great. I have the small chin/jaw, too and it vexes me to no end! A sliding genioplasty is certainly more invasive than a chin implant. I would recommend consulting with a few board certified plastic surgeons to find out what they say and how they would proceed. You can then decide what approach you like best. Here's a list of questions to ask at your consultations. Please keep us posted on what you decide to do!
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Thank you for your advice, I will keep you posted!
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