Sutures 2 Months After Rhinoplasty - New York

I got rhinoplasty and i am not happy with it bcs...

I got rhinoplasty and i am not happy with it bcs my nostrils are uneven, i feel like there is a bump on my upper lateral cartlidge my columella looks even more droopy.. and my bridge overall is def not smooth.. one part of my nose is more swollen then the other.

its been 2 months my doctor will put sutures in what does this mean? she said she will lift my nose up..with local anetshia.

btw PLEASE TELL ME if she can fix my upper lateral cartlidge because she also said she will take tissue but she didnt explain herself. can she fix my nostril with these stures to make it more even PLEASE HELP MEE IM so upset

How do you feel about your new nose today? Can you please post some before and more recent front and profile pictures? I am really curious about the recovery process and the changes over time. Thank you so much for sharing your story.
I have the same problem and I'm 6 weeks post op. How did your problem finally developed? Did the swelling finally go away?
Hi it looks like swelling. I am also 2 months post op from rhinoplasty and my bridge and nostrils still swollen, unfortunately after my rhino I developed an infection and had to have it drained which set me back. I have been told takes 6-12 months to see final result. just give it more time. Looks great though! Good luck
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