35 Year Old Needed a Fix for my Teeth with Gaps and Two Are Protruding out - New York, NY

More than 2 decades it always bothered me that my...

More than 2 decades it always bothered me that my front tooth's had gaps. Some call it lucky, quoting the french "When you have gaps you are considered lucky and you will have money". For more than a year I was planning to get Invisalign , but the whole process worried me and also the cost. I didn't want to stand next to my nephew and say you got braces ? I got one too! May be I'm shy or a procrastinator but two weeks ago I finally made a decision its is time! So on 5/13/ I got my first set out of 26. The day went well , no pain and had issue putting it back on , but second and third day every time I put or remove it I have a pain it goes away after 15 to 25 minutes. My two big concerns are excess saliva and tongue sore. I'm going to call the doctor today to find out if there is something I can do to fix it.
Hi, and welcome to our Invisalign community!  I hope you'll be able to post a picture so we can see your starting point!  We have lots of people working on diastemas right now (gaps)--it's like its own club!  Here are a bunch of names so you can go and meet them!  Everyone is suuuuper nice and friendly! You may already have met some of them :). NRK0314 is the newest, I think. Then we have llatkinson667, MsT850, Fuschia, creativejawn, Primus81, and PreOrtho. PreOrtho is a RealFriend and she's been going the longest :).

The excess saliva is something that dissipates for most with time.  Your mouth reacts that way to something foreign being in there all the time.  In fact, you may find yourself with dry mouth soon!

As for the sores, there are a number of reasons people tend to get them.  Like biting the tongue accidentally because you're not used to the aligners and where your teeth are.  Or rubbing the edges of the trays with your tongue.  Or even the actual tray edges being sharp.  For the last thing, you can either ask your doctor to file the rough/sharp edges or do it (carefully) yourself, especially after consulting your doctor.  The other two are also getting-used-to-it things.  You can try using orthodontic wax on surfaces your tongue is messing with, but I've never done it on the inside of an arch.  I usually did it to protect my lips on the outside of my arches, if that makes sense.
Thanks TwoPlusOne . Also should I ask the doctor for Clincheck video ? how do I get that ? I see others have posted theirs here.
If you want it, you definitely have to ask the doctor for it :).  Some of them will give it to you on disk, some will give you a link to it.  In order to share it here on RealSelf, it has to be on a video sharing site, like YouTube or some of the others.  At that point it's easy :).  But not all doctors know how to (or wish to) give their patients copies of or links to their ClinChecks.  Invisalign makes them for every patient, though, as it's part of the back and forth with the doctor while the treatment plan is being made.  Hope this is helpful! :D

If you do get it and want help sharing it here, just let me know!

Update After 7 days

Less saliva, no pain but dry mouth, still lisp. My dentist was able to smooth out the edges, so now I don't have a tongue sore. So far everything is ok. Thanks to a review from Primus8 on how to clean the tray. I brush the tray and also use Efferdent two times a day. Will be posting some pictures and hopefully the video from Invisalign. Thanks to TwoPlusOne for few pointers. If you came across this post and planning to get invisalign , feel feel free to reach out to community members they are very helpful.
I forgot to say, the lisp tends to be much less noticeable outside your head than it is inside, if you know what I mean?  Like, you may always hear it, but most people don't notice.  That said, practicing reading and singing out loud with the aligners in and practicing opening your mouth more when you talk can really help.  Use a mirror sometimes as well.  I regularly go to choir practice with my retainers in (which are thicker and less flexible than aligners) and sing in multiple languages no problem.  But it takes practice for sure, and I do still hear the slightest lisp myself.  No one else can hear it unless I point it out and they specifically listen for it very hard. :D
Dr. Victoria Sherman

Doctor has been helpful explained the process and steps. First interaction has been very good! Waiting for my call to be returned.

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