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Wanted implants since my teens (now late 40s!)...

Wanted implants since my teens (now late 40s!) Married 25 yrs. but husband not supportive. He is worried that something bad will happen to me, doesn't know why I am so vain, why do I need them if we already have a happy marriage, etc. PS can increase my size from A to C which would absolutely thrill me. Interviewing another PS then I am going to schedule. How can I deal with the negativity at home? Thank you!!!

Interviewing is over, settled on PS. Hubby is...

Interviewing is over, settled on PS. Hubby is coming to second appointment with me this week. Still don't think I can take the plunge without him on board but happy he is coming.
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Thanks for starting your story. I'm sorry about the unsupportive spouse! Make it clear that you are doing this for you and not him (obviously). There also might be a bit of insecurity/worry going on for him, too. He's probably concerned about how you'll fare during surgery and after and wondering why you want smokin' hot breasts if he doesn't care (men don't understand about swimsuits and clothes). Ok, done playing psychologist now. :)

I hope you can have a heart to heart with him and open his mind. Please keep us posted

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I am sorry for the at-home negativity. If I were you, I would just stop talking about this with him. He has already decided to have a closed mind against it. This is what I do when people in my life are not supportive on something. I just don't even look for support from them and stop talking about it with them. Usually they come around even if it is just out of curiousity about the subject because I am not talking about it anymore.
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