HI. Like many of you here, I have wanted larger...

HI. Like many of you here, I have wanted larger breast from the moment I realized that I was never going to have them. More than not having them - I felt that what I had was always a little droopy. I am now 37 and Finally going to go for it! Since my decision to do this in April, I booked a date for Nov 7th however due to many unforeseen (and unfortunate) circumstances, one day before my surgery date, I had to rebook the surgery for 6 weeks later!! :(

Since I have had 6 weeks extra to think about it and continue reading online, (it rules my life), I am beginning to questions my size choice. I am 5'7" and about 125lbs. I have pretty broad shoulders and athletically shaped. My breast size is a Large A Small B cup with some asymmetry (I also need a light lift). I explained to my PS that I would like to be a C cup and we decided to go between 304-235. Now, I am afraid that this will be too little cc's. Since I have had extra time to get used to the idea of having boobs, I want them bigger - well at least a FULL C. Can anyone tell me if the low 300's is too little? I do not want to be a large B small C but a full C and if I move into a D depending on bra brand I think that is fine. Am I better off in the High 300's - 400 cc's? With all this said, I want to stay with my body proportion and look natural etc etc...IT seems as though most women are in the high 300's/400's and several seem to be smaller frame than me.

Any advise? Thanks!!!!

Thanks everyone for your advice/experience with...

Thanks everyone for your advice/experience with choosing size - it's tricky however my anxiety on that one has left. Whew-
Today is 2 weeks until my surgery. My doctor is having me eliminate red wine, asprin, ibuprofen. I am also not to eat or take any supplements that contain garlic, ginko, ginseng, ginger, feverfew, st. john's wort, dong quai, licorice, fish oil, glucosamine or vitamin E. I am told these can increase the likely hood of bleeding. (hmmmm I just ate a large piece of salmon) I also need to get my blood work redone as I had to reschedule from my original date (Nov 7).

Next week I begin taking vitamins including Arnica Montana. Arnica Montana is homeopathic tablet that assists with minimizing pain associated with muscle soreness, bruising and swelling (sounds about right). Then, the night before the surgery I take 2 muscle relaxers called Robaxin. The morning of surgery I am to take another Robaxin and 1 Valium.

Does anyone else have these or similar instructions? Has anyone used muscle relaxers or Valium prior to their surgery? I'm a little concerned about taking them on such an empty stomach the morning of surgery. Actually, I happen to have a very weak stomach. My hopes are that Extra Strength Tylenol will take enough of the edge off the pain so that I can avoid the harsher medications. Wishful thinking??

HI Everyone, It's been really wonderful...

HI Everyone, It's been really wonderful communicating with all of you on here and hearing about your experiences as well as your progress! I am down to one week. By this time next Tuesday I will be home and I imagine in pain. Has anyone had a bad experience with Percocet? I have had a very bad reaction with Vicodin several years ago and refuse to take it again (although, I should say that I did not take it properly). So now, I'm a little concerned about taking Percocet.

I sent my PS pictures as an example of my ideal size, I also included what I consider too large as well as too small. I know size results are not a science as it differs for everyone, and, I do not want to get caught up in the cc's but I am trying to do everything I can to ensure I will be completely satisfied (it's alot of $$$!!). All of your previous suggestions re-assured me greatly so thank you. I guess now I just wait (and Christmas shop)

Speak soon!

Hi lovely ladies with boobies and those soon to...

Hi lovely ladies with boobies and those soon to have them. Today is post opp day one and I feel great - hardly need pain meds as Tylenol extra had taken the edge off. Yesterday however (after surgery) is completely a different story, I arrived at my doctors at 7.15 am (he performs surgery on site ) got settled and marked up an by 8am I was on my way...by 11am I was awake and feeling really good until they sat me up- from that point on I was vomit central. From 11 am to 11pm.. Just terrible. Horrible. My zofran finally kicked in and I actually slept through the night perfectly and woke up feeling great. Well aside from major morning boob but welcomed after yesterday. (So thankful). We called my doctor and basically it was the narcotics in my drip bag. I already know that I can not handle them.. I didn't know they were going to loop me up like that (well that badly) anyway the worst seems to be over and The only painkiller I will take is Tylenol. Good enough. Tight, sore and no arm movement from elbows up but they look great! Pics to follow. Glad to hear everyone with surgery yesterday went so so well. Congrats!!!!

Hi Ladies, I titled this post end of day 2 post...

Hi Ladies, I titled this post end of day 2 post pop as I posted a few pics after my shower on day 2. Im in a loose dress so ill take a few more today that will give you a better idea of shape. Initially I was in the low 304 cc- 321cc range however explained that I definitely wanted to be a full C. They said they would fill me out as much as possible yet keeping a natural look. I have 349cc on left and 371cc on right. They look great considering I am only starting day 3 (woke up to take some Tylenol!). Yesterday during day 2 I had much better range of motion and could do so so much more. Hoping to be even better today (once I loosen up again.) I sleep well but on an incline which can be a little uncomfortable but fortunately I seems to pass out pretty well! During the night and right now actually, I get these shooting pains straight to the areola (where they cut). It's bearable but will be happy when that passes! I am also looking forward to these babies loosening up! They are so round and tight- hard to believe that they will!! Okay, hope everyone recently out of surgery has a good morning getting out of bed!!

HI Everyone, I've been posting pics but haven't...

HI Everyone, I've been posting pics but haven't had a chance to write so I thought I would do both today at the end of Post Opp Day 9.

I am thrilled, the lift is amazing and I love the size. My energy is fully back, I can sleep rather comfortably, I am a little tender but have not taken any Tylenol since day 4. My right breast feels a little more swollen than my right. Due to this, they look a little uneven in the pics but in person you can see that the right still needs to drop to match the left. My drains were finally removed Monday morning during my post opp. I no longer feel like a 'patient' (and yes, removing them hurt!). Since the drains have left, I am able to try on clothes and bikini's and can not believe this is me! It seems as though many doctors do not use drains but it did feel good (in a weird way) to see that stuff get out of me! After my post opp on Monday, I bought a new bra (instructed by my surgeon). It is really comfortable and gives good support. It's nude in color and something I can wear with my work clothes and not feel like I have a sports bra on. My second post opp appointment is Wed Jan 2. This is when they will give me the exercises that I will need to do from what I understand on a regular basis.

All in all, I am very happy and relieved that everything has been smooth and easy. I would say it's easy if you prepare physically and mentally for the first few days. It is surgery and you need to allow yourself the time to recover properly.

Just over 3 weeks and I feel great. I see a...

Just over 3 weeks and I feel great. I see a difference each day. I am wondering how long dropping and fluffing go on for because I definitely feel that I dropped. Wouldn't mind fluffing out some more. I am very happy with the results. I went into this looking to have many issues resolved. My breast were not 'pretty' breasts to begin with - saggy, tubular, large/ irregular areolas and small in size. With that said, having size and the other issues resolved were neck and neck in my book. I didn't want to sacrifice 'prettiness' and proportion in exchange for size. My doctor did an awesome job on all of the above-however :) I wouldn't mind being a little larger. I am consistantly fitting into a 36C which is great but it dosent seem as big as I anticipated! Now that's its done, maybe I'm simply relaxed about the other things I was worried about and just being greedy and picky about size! I feel silly even thinking this way as I came so far. All in all, I am totally thrilled and never thought I could look so good in this department! Looking forward to warmer weather and loosing the sweaters!

Hi Everyone- it's been a long while since I posted...

Hi Everyone- it's been a long while since I posted an updated and thought that the 4 month mark is as good a time as any. Since my last post, everything has been text book (more or less). I've been healing and dropping very well although my left side was dropping faster than the right. At my 6 week mark, my doctor and I noticed that my right side almost seemed like it could be a little constricted (slightly). He said we are still in early stages - in terms of healing and gave me vitamin E vitamins as well as accolate. 6 weeks later we noticed that it was seemed to be helping (that or they just continued to do what they needed to do) I am halfway through my third and final month of accolate and very happy with the results. Last week was month 4 and I noticed a noticeable difference. Whew- so happy. I mean they were looking good but to see the right one drop and fluff a little more was wonderful. So super happy. I am a 36C (sometime 34) in Calvin Klien. My size did not fluctuate during the healing process- more like re-directed. I posted a couple new shots. Happy to answer any questions and for those of you figuring out your cc'd don't obsess with the small increments- if you want to be full busted in the end- do not be afraid to go high in cc's. If you want to look modest, go higher than you plan. I sort of wished I went to a D cup but no regrets. Went for 0-100 and nothing bad about that! :)
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Great seeing your story, I'm not having BA but I am having work done with Dr. Kolker. I'm glad you are happy with him, the two or three times we've met he's been kind of.... odd, cold. I dunno. I don't care, really, as long as he works magic!
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Hi, Congrats on your coming surgery. It's funny how each persons experience can be different. I really did like him, his staff and I knew I was in very good hands (so really I agree as long as the job is done right). The only thing I can say is you can see that he is extremely busy. Sometimes my visit is very quick (he is always happy to answer questions however) and at other times I get the impression he has more time to chat. Keep me posted and feel free to ask me any questions!
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They look great!
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Wow looking great. Yours is the look im goin for and mine look very similar to your before pictures except less tissue lol. What kind of lift did you get?
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thanks blk11 - I had a Benelli lift. My PS said he thought that was all I would need however, it's possible that I would need the Lollipop lift. When I got out of surgery, he said the Benelli was all that was needed. Nice to eliminate an extra incision line! He really worked wonders. Are you getting both a lift and implants?
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im going to need a lift also. i poseted a pic and asked the doctors on here qustions and a couple of them said a "dough nut" lift which is the same thing as what u got :) i go for a consultaion the 22nd and im gonna aske him about that lift because I DO NOT want them scars. yours look great tho
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Good luck on the 22nd! If you are a candidate for a lift, you will be really happy that you did it! Dont worry too much about scars and do what you need to do - it pays off in the long run. The body seems to handle these incisions really well from everything I've seen and read. Dont be shy with size either ; ) unless you want to be! I'm very happy but learned a breast implant C is different from a natural C. I started off modest with what I wanted but as I became more and more comfortable with this entire decision, I caught boob greed fever! Just thought I'd mention that. Keep us posted!!
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Well I tried on sizers in my last consultaions and I was very comfortable with 300 to 375 ccs the 375 looked huge tho lol good to hear your incisions are doing well I also was wondering how long ou were told to be off of work and how long u had to have stitches or whatever. All and all I want a full C or mabybe just a regular C
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That was the range I was in as I have a C that is on the fuller side. I was advised a week to be off work (5 days) I did it before the holidays so managed to have a long recover time. My surgery was on a Tuesday and I would have been able to go to work on Monday if I had to. Saturday and Sunday I was about in the neighborhood running a few errands but it wore me out. You will be happy if you give yourself a week. Oh - I also had drains that were removed on Monday...would not have wanted to go to work with them.
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I agree with Kitten44 - you look fantastic. :) So happy for you.
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Thank you! Congratulations on today.... I hope you have an easy recovery and blissfully happy with the results!
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They look perfect. What a transformation, you must be really happy. :-) You totally made the right decision on size. I am driving myself crazy and lamenting over the size, I will be glad when it's finally over and I am looking down on my own. I'm shorter than you (5'5) but generally a little heavier circa 127 lbs. PS suggested 350 cc but I started thinking this was too big, but maybe not?
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Thanks Kitten44! I did both a lift and an augmentation and my doctor did excellent :) So so happy! Size is tricky, I initially was going to go smaller and was thinking 304-321cc's (during my pre opp appointment). Then, I had second thoughts... I finally stopped speaking in cc's and and cup size and gathered a bunch of pictures off my doctors website as examples of what I really wanted (all his afters are beautiful...so I was only using them as an example of desired size). I sent him what I considered perfect and ideal for me, what I considered heading in the too large direction and what I considered too small (incase there was any miscommunication in that dept! ;). In the end I felt the pictures did speak a thousand words. He said that it looked as though I wanted to go large but stay natural so he would fill me up as large as he could without making me look disproportionate. Bingo - he was right! After this I felt really comfortable heading into surgery knowing that we had clear communication. You should do this too! Hope this helped and let me know how it works out for you. GOOD LUCK!
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Looking great!
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Looks great. You don't look too swollen and no frankenbook. Yeah for tatas!
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Thanks Sunny! Congrats to you! You look wonderful just out of surgery like that! Have a restful day:)
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What size do you end up deciding upon?
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I got 400 gel in each!! I'm not sure yet I get to see them on sat I had surgery yesturday!!! Lift and implants and lipo to the back OMG does the lipo hurt it hurts so bad worse than the boobs and my tummy tuck!!!
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I want a tummy tuck and lipo eventually, bit couldn't spend that much downtime right now.. Maybe later. ;)
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Hi Cinnamon Girl, I had 349 cc on the left and 371 on the right. I think this is doing the trick! A little more than my initial consultation which I think was the right choice in the end :).
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Just had mine done and I feel your pain with the vomiting :/ definitely the worst so far, so hopefully it keeps getting better from here on out! Lookin good so far- happy healing!
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Hi Kristine, sorry to hear you had to deal with the sickness as well. Thanks for your post though! It was nice to know I was not the only one- but we are past that now!!
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Sorry for not giving any specifics-I had allergen cohesive gel smooth round under the muscle. 349 on the left and 371 on the right. :)
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did you get saline?
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