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Still Sweating - New York, NY

I had the miradry procedure done about a month ago...

I had the miradry procedure done about a month ago. I was very pleased at first. But I am sweating again. I never had any type of body odor before. My sweat used to smell like nothing. All of a sudden after this procedure it has an odor. I know people are saying they go twice. I only went once so far. But did pay $3000 just for the one time. Doctor said if I want to come back it will be $600 more. Initially told me they do the highest level (5) on patients. But then when I went in he gave me a level 3. I wish he gave me the level 5 initially like he said. So I spent the $3000 for one treatment. I'm not sure what to do now.

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Hi Tori~ Thats a bummer that it didnt work sufficiently the first time. Has it reduced at all?
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The second treatment is not being offered at a reduced cost. People pay $3000 for both times. I paid $3000 for one time and will have to come up with another $600 for the second time. He said I was getting a level 3 because I am a smaller girl. It's looking like I need to go back for level 5.
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Here is a Q&A that you might find useful:

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It sounds like they are offering the second treatment at a substantially reduced cost, compared to the first one, so from this I would think they do feel the second treatment is needed, and are trying to make it possible for people to afford. 

Have you had a chance to discuss why they opted to do the level 3 instead of the level 5?

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