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Latisse - Not Worth the $$$ - New York

Not only were the results disappointing, but it...

Not only were the results disappointing, but it made my black eyelashes a light/medium brown so they are even less noticeable than before. I am actually going to purchase some dye to try to get them back to black.

Not only were there no results, but the base of my lashes where the product is applied became blotchy with tiny broken capillaries.

Everyone is different, so it may work for you, but it was a waste of $ and time for me.


I totally disagree with you with the comment above. It's true that one has to carefully consider the side effects of the drug, but the growth of the lashes are definitely significant. The drug works by increase the duration your lashes spend in their growth phase, therefore, increase the lenghth of the lashes. I am a Latisse user myself and I say the product does work great. It does exactly what it claims, which is lengthening and thickening. Also my lashes response to the drugs exactly as they say on their website, that is, I start to sese results by the 8 weeks mark, and from then 8 weeks on ward, they are a lot more thicker and fuller. It doesn't' make sense for the company to send out samples because it generally takes 2 full months for results to start to be seen, so they can't just give out 2 bottle as samples.
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why would anybody be a fool enough to even try this product, your eyeleashes are only going to grow tio a certain length and be what they are no matter what. It's much safer to use mascara! this stuff might cause inresersable damage to your lashes. The company don't care what happens to your lasshes all they want tis the money..plus they are way grossly over charging for this product..because they know you can't get it anywhere else and onkly thru them..they should at least let people have a free trial version of it..but they won't because it does'nt do what they say..! Brook on should know whe was advertising a scam....!
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Why would anyone be fool enough to diss something they haven't tried themselves? I was the ultimate skeptic till 6 weeks ago when I genuinely saw the results of a month's use of Enormous Lash. I'm 52 and was miserably facing up to possibly losing all my eyelashes by 60 like my mum did - but I swear, I now have lashes, twice as long and twice as thick, that I never had even at 15 when I first started to use mascara. And how can u say "its safer to use mascara" to someone whose eyelashes are too sparse and short to even carry the stuff? Check the facts before you criticise.
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