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Pricey Treatment with Barely Discernible Improvement - New York

Am currently nearing the end of IPL treatment with...

Am currently nearing the end of IPL treatment with a reputable dermatologist. Cost of the treatment is $800 per session. The first session resulted in very little, if any change. Perhaps a dozen tiny "coffee grounds" resulted. Dark spots, which were gone over twice each, darkened but never flaked.

The second session was at a higher setting and was somewhat more aggressive (the doctor explained that they start off conservatively to avoid any complications), but the result was the same, namely nothing measurable at all. Perhaps the photos taken before each session will prove otherwise, but what is visible to me is far more important than what the camera might see.

Third treatment was a spot treatment (at my request). The cost was $200. A different hand piece was used, and the settings increased. This time, results were apparent, with crusting over of spots and then pink skin revealed beneath them once they flaked off.

However, one prominent spot (the one that irks me the most) seems to still have some pigment remaining. Perhaps another spot treatment will take care of it. Overall, however, when used as intended (as a full facial treatment), I found it largely ineffective and a complete waste of money.

I definitely did, and told him that my skin was pretty tough. However, he said it wasn't the type of chance he was willing to take, because if it turned out to be a bad thing, it wouldn't be good for them (which I understand). However, I'm equally convinced that this is also a way of increasing the number of treatments one would need, therefore increasing the profits. $800 per treatment adds up pretty quickly!

I hear you, that is a lot of money! Do you think if you explained to him that you felt that you should get an extra treatment either complimentary, or substantially reduced due to your previous conversation he would be open to it?


Sorry to hear you didn't get the end results you were hoping for. I can understand why the dermatologist would want to start out light, but with what you experienced with your spot treatment it sounds like perhaps you are needed the higher settings all around (??).



After the spot treatment, I experienced darkening...

After the spot treatment, I experienced darkening of the treated areas, which flaked off about 1.5-2 weeks later. However, there was little, if any, improvement. Had the spot treatment done again today -- my final time, since I can no longer afford pouring money into what doesn't appear to be working for me -- and whatever happens (or doesn't), I'm done.
Unfortunately, I will have to let things be, because I just don't have the resources to go any further. In a few weeks, though, I plan to do a TCA peel (which I do at least once every fall/winter), using MUAC's (Make Up Artist's Choice) product at 21%. I've used 15% and eventually 18%, but like I said my skin is tough -- so I'm hoping that the 21% will produce some overall improvement.

Would love to hear how that goes for you when you do it - fingers crossed for good results!!

He did the spot treatment at a reduced fee (which it should be, considering it's quite a bit less labor intensive and time-consuming), but I saw no improvement from it as I had hoped. Just had another spot treatment -- which will be my last. Can't afford this any more.

Last treatment also resulted in no discernible...

Last treatment also resulted in no discernible improvement. A total waste of money. However, once the month passed and I felt it safe, I did a 21% TCA peel on my skin (using MUAC's solution, which I have used before in lesser strengths). GREAT improvement. Will post about it in the proper forum.

Wow, what a bummer the IPL didn't work out for you. :-/ Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

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