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Did Not Result in Straight Teeth - Company Closed my File - New York, NY

I was told they had closed my file and if I wanted...

I was told they had closed my file and if I wanted further alignments I would have to pay again as though I were a new patient. This was after teh initial $6K and paying additional amounts on two occassions after I was "done" because my teeth are still crooked. Would have been much better off opting for traditional braces for a shorter time with a better result.

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Sorry to hear your Invisalign didn't work out for you. :-/ I can definitely understand why you would be disappointed with that.

Since hindsight is 20/20, looking back can you see warning signs, such as trays not starting to fit right or anything like that, or was it a complete shock to you when you got to the end of treatment and things weren't completely aligned?

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