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Fraxel Restore Seemed to Work for my Acne Scars

I did fraxel for Acne scars, began when I was 12...

I did fraxel for Acne scars, began when I was 12 and it stopped a few months ago (close to 24).I wanted to get rid of the scars. I had alot on my cheeks, icepick, rolling, all types really.

I Did the first fraxel about 1 month ago, the first procedure was painful maybe because I didnt know what to expect.My doctor did the whole nine (pain tablet,numbing cream, stress ball).I should mention I have Fitzgerald type IV skin. My doctor didnt pretreat with any medication (skin lighteners), so far I have no Hyper pigmentation. I dont know the exact mj settings but I believe the first treatment was aggressive, it took 5 days to completely heal.

My second treatment with Fraxel..My acne scars have significantly diminished. The settings were moderate I believe somewhere around 30 with 7-8 passes.

After the first treatment I saw absolutely no results but the second one made a noticeable difference. Hopefully the 3rd treatment will help even more.

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He is a dermatologist; seems to know what he is doing.

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It's been a few months after my third treatment and it worked out great for me the fraxel really improved my skin and the scars that were left.. Because of my darker skin type i was hyperpigmented by i used makari and that help to return my skin to the normal color..I hope it works out for others who decide to use this as an option dealing with post acne scars is not easy..
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If you read it correctly.. she is saying that her acne started when she was 12 and has now stopped at the age of 24. Doctors may be willing to treat anyone, but we are the ones who have to consent. So if you don't do the research and something bad happens, there's no one to blame.
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You can only give informed consent if you were told the truth and fully informed. So many on this board did not get informed consent, so the blanket statement does not apply to all. And doing research doesn't matter when the research out there is done by the ones who make the $$$ off of laser sales. Furthermore, when bad press ends up on the net, they buy it up so that potential customers/patients don't see the bad, only the good. This is the new reality of cosmetic medicine. Buyer beware.
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Good luck in the future as damage does not happen until years later...... I can't imagine a Doctor doing this on someone as young as 12.......more proof the Doctors are willing to treat ANYONE... ANYTIME at ANY expense of damage. Your Doctor NOW has a bright future of your repair work for many years. I pray I am wrong but from what I have personally seen from experience from my daughter....I do believe this is about greed and money and not health or skin improvement. Promise what is still being hid behind the FDA and news media about Fraxel damage will be alarming. When skin cancer in 10 years is double and we read in health journals the cause is lasers to the face......Good luck finding aDoctor to help you... they will all be in Costa Rica on there yachts that your dollars for treatments ..lotions.. creams and dreams have paid for! Wishing you positive results and continued improvement!
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