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Pleasantly Surprised. I Am Usually a Skeptic - New York, NY

I am usually a skeptic about all of these...

I am usually a skeptic about all of these treatments that say they can tighten skin and remove wrinkles without surgery. I have had laser to remove brown spots and laser hair removal, both with good success. I just completed my third Exilis treatment on my face and neck. Even though I am not supposed to see anything for another 3 months, both my mother, (who can be very critical), and my son, commented that my face looks really good. I am looking forward to my final treatment and all the tightening I will see down the line. Best of all it does not hurt, was affordable and there was no down time.


Yay for no pain and down time! Let us know how it goes as you get your next treatment and more time passes. We'd love to see your before and after photos!

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