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Dysport - Worth It if You Have the Money

Around $1500 for about 200 UNITS. I love it! I saw...

Around $1500 for about 200 UNITS. I love it! I saw results immediately and it looks very natural as I can still move my eyebrows. Will do it again, but only if it's at no or little cost. But if your out there and have the money I say do it!


HUH? I thought it take 3 times as many units of Dysport to Botox- 3-1 ratio, regardless 7.50 a unit seems very high priced for Dysport. Pretty brave to have that much injected for the first time before you know if you could have side affects.
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Agree....Don't care if it IS NYC.....that price per UNIT is ridiculous...................$4.50 per UNIT just about EVERYWHERE else Negoiate with that Provider!
Wow 200 units of Dysport ? = 400 to 500 units of Botox! A LOT for the facial area. even 200 units of Botox for the face is too much. Please check on the amounts given. From MIAMI DR. B
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