I'm Confused About my Rhinoplasty Results, Too Upturned? - New York

I went to South America to have my rhinoplasty...

I went to South America to have my rhinoplasty done...I kind of wish I would have chosen to stay here though. I'm 3 weeks post op, I had a hump removed and tip rotation to make my tip smaller, I also wanted to ease the hook like appearance but now I feel like my nose was shortened just a little bit too much, I also see my nostrils a lot more than I ever did before! That alone makes me feel a bit pig-like. I heard that the tip goes down a bit after swelling goes down, but in my pictures below I try to point to the area that seems like its upturned for good..This is all making m depressed and although my nose was pretty bad before...I feel so confused now :(

It looks really nice and straight. I don't think you look pig-like at all. Your nostrils are visible, but is it possible they looked like that before but the downward turned tip made them less noticeable?

After I got my rhinoplasty, I felt weird about my nose for a few weeks. I think a lot of that was just adjusting to how it looked. When your nose changes, your whole face changes and that can take some getting used to.

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I went out of the country.

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