Full TT W/lipo 6 Months Ago, Results Okay, but Can't Play Sports Yet

Hi, I'm a 32 year old male who had a full...

Hi, I'm a 32 year old male who had a full abdominoplasty with liposuction about 6 months ago. (I lost a large amount of weight via diet+exercise back in college).

I feel okay and have gotten back to most of my activities, but still I find myself having to be extra careful in the gym, and still am not able to participate in sporting activities (tennis, frisbee, etc). My stamina is not the problem - it's that I can still feel my ab muscles sutured together and it restricts my range of motion uncomfortably, particularly with stretching. My surgeon keeps advising that it's normal and will go away with time, but I get the feeling he might be blowing me off at this point. Just wondering when (or if?) I will be able to get back to my full range of athletic activities as before the procedure? My impression before surgery was that I'd be back to my old self within a few months, but so far this is not the case!

I am only 7 weeks out from my surgery, but I have found--just in the last week--that gentle yoga has really helped me regain range of motion. I still feel some tightness where the sutures are in my abs & obliques, but slow stretching has helped immeasureably. My belly muscles feel warm & flexible afterwards for a couple of days. Maybe give that a try?
I'm sorry to hear to you are not back to your normal activities yet,everybody is different, I am 30years old very active I am also 6months post op almost 7 months and I am 99percent back to my activities..I kickbox,spin, lift weights..and am able to do some crunches..I would wait it out..contact sports are harder to get back in to..but b patient and listen to your body..:)
HI, its been now 9th day when i had my abdominoplasty, and liposuction just wanna ask will i be able to do spinning?and if yes after how many weeks?and when should i start my excercise?
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Mostly good results except for this one lingering problem

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