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I am a 27 years old... I am 331 pounds... I have...

I am a 27 years old... I am 331 pounds... I have two childern.. I want to have this done but iam so afriad that something is going to go wrong.. I been thinking about this for a while... i am tried of being the fat girl that everyone looks at in laugh.. iam always tried i dont do nothing but stay and the house.. iam always mad.. I am just sick of living this way. I dont really have a support group or nothing.. I know if i dont get this done i will drive myself to deaf.. I really need support. if anyone had this done can u tell me about ur journey... i want to di this for myself and my childern

Hi - I know how you feel - i am a mother of 3 - very nervous as my op is scheduled for 9 april - just two weeks away eeeeeekkkkkkk - i am now wieghing 117.5kgs. and am currently on the pre- op diet - i know what its like to be mad with one's self - actually loathing one's self and not wanting to look in the mirror. The thing is - if i don't do this now - what will my quality of life be - probably a 0 - as my mobility is effected & my self worth - just make sure you go through the right channels - dietician, specialist, physician,phycologist - do you have medical ? or does the state pay for it ? my husband & I have taken out a second bond to pay for this operation as my medical aid does not cover it - let me know how things are going..............

Hi there, welcome and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

You're definitely not alone in this. A lot of people are turning to WLS to help them with losing weight that they just couldn't lose alone.

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Hope this helps!


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