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So I have been thinking about getting lipo for a...

So I have been thinking about getting lipo for a while now and just recently moved to NYC. After researching plenty of Doctors in the area and going to many consultations I decided to go with Dr. P. I actually first found out about him from another patient on this site.

I have to admit I was very nervous because I am type one diabetic and have never had any surgery done before, but his team was so wonderful! They made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole procedure. I got my upper and lower Abdomen and Flanks done for 4000$ total. I got the procedure done yesterday and I am totally fine today.

I will post the pictures once I recieve them from the office. email me if you guys have any questions what so ever.


please send me more info.. Im planning to get one done next month or so... Thanks.. Do u have any pics??? God bless
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Hi Mima, Im waiting for my pictures back from the dr. Do you have any specific questions? What area were you thinking to get done? Are you from NYC?

Ill post more pics as the weeks go by

Ill post more pics as the weeks go by


hi. how are things looking now? I am considering a consult with your Dr. Do you have any new pics?
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Hi Wondering Dove, I had a tricky situation where I needed to be on prednisone which is a cortisol steroid I did gain some fat around my stomach my its still pretty flat. I will take pictures as soon as I can and post them
Sorry to hear that. Glad your OK. Guess it could have been worse then
New York Ophthalmologist

He was great! very professional and pleasant. His team are so nice and real. Not snobby and rude like at some of the other practices I had consultations with.

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