Chin, Upper and Lower Abs - Midlife Maintenance

I had my chin, upper and lower abs done 5 days ago...

I had my chin, upper and lower abs done 5 days ago. I immediately knew I would be satisfied with the results of my stomach as soon as removed the garment after the first 24 hours. 650cc was removed and my lower pouch was gone.

I am a patient person and I am encouraged each day as the swelling goes down. I can't wait to really start exercising. I'm just taking long walks for now. From what I've read and see my chin will take a little longer to see better results. Both areas are still numb.

I've been lucky, not much brusing or pain and took three days off from work since I didn't know what to really expect. I can already say I'm glad I did this. It has and will continue to support personal changes I've wanted to make for some time.


{edited} It's been 4 months now and with a change in eating habits and exercise I've dropped 2 whole sizes and lost 5 inches in my waist. Doing this was the kick start I needed. Go for it!
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I'm considering smart lipo and I'm also from NY, who was your doctor?
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Dr. Christopher Chia, Park Avenue Smart Lipo

Once confirming and meeting with board certified plastic surgeons, I ultimately went with my gut in choosing my doctor. I had no personal references to consider, no one I know has had this done.

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